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Chevrolet Rezzo Review

First was the Daewoo Tacuma, produced since 2001. After the Korean manufacturer went under the wing of GM and the concern made a rebranding, the car began to be produced under the Chevrolet brand. The last upgrade was carried out in the spring of 2004. Since the beginning of 2005, the cars supplied to Europe have been renamed the Chevrolet Rezzo.

On the original body design worked Italian specialists studio Pininfarina. Exterior Rezzo pleases the eye. The car is distinguished by smooth lines of the body and the dynamic shape of the side windows. Vertically placed elegant taillights and 15-inch alloy wheels (custom-made) make the Rezzo look even more sophisticated. One of the elements of the front of the car, which attracts the eyes of others, is the grille of the new design. In short, Rezzo proudly bears the stamp of good taste.

Among the features of the car is a small turning circle, high, guaranteeing good visibility, landing, which makes the car maneuverable and dynamic.

The interior of the Rezzo is modeled with maximum comfort for passengers. Comfortable adjustable, including height, the driver's seat has a good lumbar support. The controls of all systems and on-board instruments are located in the immediate vicinity of the driver. Between the front seats there is a central armrest (for some modifications), in the hidden niche between the seats of the front and rear rows there is a box for small luggage.

The spacious passenger compartment, comfortable compartments for various items, air conditioning or climate control with electronic control (for some modifications) and many other details of the interior make the Rezzo a real recreation area for a family of five.

The instrument panel and the upper part of the center console are a single unit under a large oval visor. The dashboard is simple and not overloaded with scales, and the readings of the speedometer, tachometer, temperature of the power unit and fuel reserves are clearly visible in any light.

Chevrolet Rezzo Won't Start

Rezzo is convenient for family trips. If necessary, the passenger compartment can be transformed, which makes it possible to increase the volume of the trunk up to 1600 liters and carry substantial cargo. The rear seats can be folded, lifted behind the front seats or removed from the car separately. Also for the carriage of cargo, you can use the rails, which are included in the standard package.

The DOHC engine (1.6 liters), which develops 105 hp, makes it equally easy to move around the city and the country highway. The power unit is paired with a manual 5-speed gearbox.

Safety Chevrolet Rezzo provides programmed deformation zones, frontal airbags for the driver and front passenger, side airbags, front seat belt pretensioners, height-adjustable headrests, etc.

Anti-lock braking system (ABS) is standard on all vehicle modifications. The list of basic configuration also includes central locking and immobilizer.

In conclusion, it remains to add that the advantage to all of the above is an attractive and reasonable price for this car.

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