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In 2008, the concept of the minivan Chevrolet Orlando was presented at the Paris Motor Show, and in 2010 the serial version of the car was also presented there. The Chevrolet Orlando is a five-door, seven-seater minivan on the platform of a C-class sedan Chevrolet Cruze. The dimensions of the Orlando are 4470 mm long, 1780 mm wide, 1650 mm high and 2760 mm wheelbase. It turns out that the minivan is only 12 cm longer than the Cruze, and the ground clearance of these cars is exactly the same. The model is distinguished by features such as convenience, versatility, great design and safety. It is noteworthy that for Chevrolet this is the first minivan oriented towards Europe, and not towards the North American market.

Chevrolet orlando

The car has an interesting and memorable design. In this case, clearly recognizable as a representative of the Chevrolet family due to the separate grille with the company logo in the center. The front of the car is brutal in American style. The first thing that catches your eye is the highly positioned headlight optics and an impressively sized bumper with a pronounced air intake. Speakers wheel arches (accommodate 16-18 inch wheels) and high side window line give the impression of massiveness and security for passengers. View of the rear of the body designers as close as possible to the shape of the cube. In general, no frills: vertical rear door, strict lights. A unique distinctive feature of the Orlando is the rear fog lamp mounted in the center of the bumper. In short, the exterior turned out quite original and energetic.

Seven-seater salon can offer unlimited possibilities, which are sometimes so necessary when transporting passengers and cargo, the most pleasant thing is that there are 30 combinations of how to install the seats. Three rows of seats are arranged on the basis of the location of seats in the theater hall, i.e., each successive row - with an increase. In addition, the side seats of the second row can not only fold, but also recline, freeing a comfortable passage to the seats of the third row. Seats for passengers are surrounded by a large number of convenient niches and containers for storing all kinds of small things. Orlando has many storage compartments of various sizes, shapes and locations. These include: two large cup holders in the center console, a coin holder, and pockets for bottles in the doors. The unusual "secret" compartment, which is hidden behind the panel of the audio system, is the most interesting solution for designers. To open it, just lift the audio panel. A wallet or sunglasses can fit in this compartment. Inside this compartment may be a standard connector or USB-port. It depends on the configuration.

As an option, a panoramic roof is provided for additional interior lighting. If necessary, the internal space is transformed into a large luggage compartment with a flat floor. The volume of useful space with the folded seats of the second and third row reaches 1,487 liters (852 liters to the window line).

Chevrolet orlando

A conveniently organized instrument console resembles the outlines of an elongated double cockpit, complemented by pleasant blue backlighting and such useful details as ports for MP3 and iPod. The devices are located in the recesses and due to the visors they create a strict and “sporting” impression, and the design of the gear lever installed on the control panel is successfully combined with the view of the center and floor consoles. Orlando received a multifunctional steering wheel with V-shaped spokes and buttons for controlling acoustic and entertainment systems.

Under the hood Orlando can be one of the three engines. Gasoline version of 1.8 liters, power 141 hp A car equipped with this engine can reach speeds of up to 185 km / h. There are two diesel options: a 2-liter capacity of 131 hp. and a 2-liter capacity of 163 hp There are two gearboxes for the engines - a five-speed manual and an automatic six-speed gear that can be manually shifted.

Orlando is equipped with a MacPherson type front suspension and a semi-independent rear suspension with a combined crossbeam. Thanks to the use of hydraulic supports in the front suspension, a high level of control over the car’s behavior and isolation of passengers from vibrations on any roads is provided.

Buyers are given a choice of three configuration options (Base, LS and LT). The basic version of the Chevrolet Orlando will have a manual transmission, four airbags, a CD / MP3 audio system, heated seats (front only) and power accessories for the side mirrors.

Safety features at the highest level. Six airbags (2 front, 2 side and 2 window "curtains") provide reliable protection for passengers. High-strength steel, which is used in the manufacture of most of the power structure of the body, forms a kind of "protective ring" around the passengers, which minimizes the deformation of the cabin during side and frontal collisions, as well as in the case of a rear impact. Orlando is also equipped with a system that allows you to automatically unlock the door locks in case of an accident.

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