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Chevrolet Lanos Review. Should I buy a 10-year-old Chevrolet Lanos

In 2003, Ukravto signed an agreement with GM Daewoo on the creation at ZAZ of a full-scale production of Chevrolet Lanos models with a capacity of up to 90 thousand units per year, including not only welding, painting and assembly, but also body stamping. Therefore, Chevrolet Lanos is not a mysterious stranger with an unknown past, but a conscientious worker with a good biography. Its prototype is Daewoo Lanos, which proved itself as a convenient and reliable car, capable of long and faithfully serving its owner on Russian roads.

Lanos with a new surname Chevrolet is an improved version of an old Korean friend. Among its main advantages is a solid passive safety system: reinforced front and rear pillars, connected on the roof with four strong ties, steel safety beams in the front, rear doors and under the windshield, as well as the body structure with a rigid passenger cell.

Design Chevrolet Lanos is made by Italian design studio ItalDesign. The car received a bright memorable appearance, the original body of an almost perfect aerodynamic shape with a large windshield inclination and balanced proportions, a spacious and functional interior with an elaborate dashboard, high build quality and carefully crafted style solutions.

Under the smooth rounded shapes of the compact body there is a spacious cabin and a roomy trunk. Four wide doors and an elongated profile of the body give the car solidity, and the black edging of the window openings give the Lanos image clarity and integrity.

Salon compact, but comfortable. Wide comfortable seats, laconic and practical upholstery, neutral gray plastic and the most rounded edges and contours of all elements already at a subconscious level create a feeling of safety and comfort. The luggage compartment is 322 liters. The rear seats of the car fold in the ratio of 60:40, thereby increasing the usable trunk area up to 958 liters.

Meet the Chevrolet Lanos

Under the hood, Lanos is a 1.5-liter engine producing 86 hp. compliant with Euro 2 standard. The power unit is paired with a manual transmission.

Affordable price Lanos does not mean scanty equipment: the car is equipped with a driver's airbag, a full-size spare wheel, steel 14-inch wheels, body-colored bumpers, heated rear window, remote control of the trunk lock, a speaker system with 4 speakers and a comfortable interior with plenty pleasant little things for the driver and passengers. For a separate price, you can get power steering, air conditioning, central locking power windows, radio and fog lights.

Lanos is a compelling proof that simplicity can also be elegant. This reliable car does not possess excesses, but very convenient and functional. Today Lanos is one of the most affordable cars in the Russian market.

Chevrolet Lanos is going to Zaporizhia Automobile Plant (ZAZ) under license from Korean GM Daewoo. The manufacturer gives a guarantee on the car for 2 years, without limiting the mileage. Body color can be chosen according to your taste from 14 coloring options.

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