Chevrolet lacetti

The debut of the 5-door hatchback Lacetti took place in 2003 in South Korea, Europe saw the car much later. Production started at the factory Gunsan on the west coast of South Korea. But many components for the Lacetti come from Europe. So, ABS makes the company Bosch, airbags and catalysts - Siemens Automotive, automatic transmissions - ZF and Aisin Warner.

By the way, Lacetti is not a fictional name. This is derived from the Latin lacertus, which means "energetic, strong, youthful."

Chevrolet Lacetti was the second model built on a completely new J200 platform (the first was the Nubira III sedan). This car is a typical representative of the golf class. Available in three versions of the body - sedan, hatchback and station wagon.

In general, the current Chevrolet Lacetti, which the Americans began to sell throughout the Old World, is in fact a symbiosis of two Daewoo models - the latest generation Lacetti and Nubira. The model with the station wagon is just the Nubira, and the sedan and five-door hatchback are the Lacetti. But the exterior of the Chevrolet Lacetti has nothing to do with the Nubira / Lacetti, which appeared in 1997. Biodesign with its rounded shapes and smooth lines is long gone. Now at the head of the corner, on the contrary, sharp edges.

Lacetti Design was developed in Turin, in the studio ItalDesign under the guidance of Giorgetto Giugiaro. The car looks quite dynamic, but not outrageous. Almond-shaped headlights look pretty calm, but the car immediately "shoots" aggressive rear optics, piled forward with the front pillars and magnificent 15 inch multi-spoke wheels. The more expensive SX and CDX have an elegant roof spoiler and fog lights. In each line of the body Lacetti feel the strength and power, endurance and strength of character.

The interior decoration of Lacetti is also devoid of all sorts of delights, but it is also very harmonious and modern. Take at least a multifunctional steering wheel with a thick, pleasant-to-touch rim or an “automatic” lever, encrusted with a pseudo-tree. In the interior trim inserts for aluminum are widely used. The same rims framed round blower vents and appliances. The devices are easy to read, ergonomics of the driver's place at the proper level. In the basic configuration of the SE, the CD receiver takes up a small shelf. Only high-quality materials are used in the decoration, the fit of all panels is as accurate as possible, the light colors of the upholstery are designed in the same range, and thanks to this the interior seems even more spacious. In all trim levels, the gearshift lever and steering wheel rim are trimmed with leather, and in the CDX version there are also seats. The inclination of the front seat cushion changes, and the steering wheel can be adjusted in two directions, so you sit in a driver's seat quickly and comfortably.

Rear passengers: on a deep sofa, comfortable and have a good supply of space above your head. And since the Chevrolet Lacetti base (2,600 mm) is one of the largest in the class, legroom is also sufficient. The luggage compartment strikes an impressive amount, which can be increased by folding the back of the rear seat. In all trim levels, the gearshift lever and steering wheel rim are trimmed with leather, and in the CDX version there are also seats.

Speaking of the cabin, it is impossible not to say about its equipment. Lacetti sports a good list of basic equipment. Standard equipment for the SE package includes air conditioning, power steering, front airbags, АBC, height-adjustable driver's seat and a CD radio. In the configuration SX car equipment complement the climate control system, side airbags for front passengers, fog lights, a case for driver glasses, located on the ceiling panel above the door. For lovers of luxury there is a third grade - CDX. It includes, in addition to the above, 15-inch wheels, sports front seats with pronounced lateral support, as well as an armrest with cup holders. In short, in the cabin at the Lacetti has everything to win the favor of Europeans, accustomed to good-quality interiors.

Review at a good level. Rear head restraints almost do not obscure the plane of the rear window. Only in tight corners do the pillars fall into the field of view.

For the Lacetti, only three petrol engines of 1.4 (93 hp.), 1.6 (109 hp.) And 1.8 l. (122 hp.) Are offered. The basic 93-horsepower engine is paired with only a 5-speed manual gearbox. For the other two, a 4-band “automatic” is also offered (for the 1.6-liter Lacetti, produced by Aisin, and for the 1.8-liter, the ZF).

The 1.6-liter power unit makes it easy to get under way without gas sticking and to drive safely at low engine speeds. But for confident acceleration, it has to be “twisted” for 4000 rev / min.

Four disc brakes slow Lacetti well. Even at high speeds the car confidently holds the road - no deviations from the course. With increasing speed, the steering wheel is poured with weight, and in turns, it resiliently resists turning. The engine capacity of 1.6 liters is enough for a measured drive.

The power unit with a volume of 1.8 liters, like its less voluminous counterpart, is very "fond" of high speed and has similar habits. But already adjusted for an additional 13 hp Therefore, it shows the best traction, and the car, respectively, the dynamics.

Suspension with cat softness and elasticity fulfills rare irregularities. And although the suspension is not hard to call sports, body roll is small and the car tenaciously holds the trajectory.

In conclusion, it remains to add that Lacetti is a born workhorse. This is a reliable representative of the golf class, which has something to shine in front of competitors.

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