Chevrolet express

The launch of the full-size commercial van Chevrolet Express began in 1995 at GM's plant in Wentsville (USA).


It was created on the second-generation GMT455 Silverado / Suburban platform and was repeatedly modernized, most recently in 2002. In the model range of GMC there is a similar car - GMC Savana.

The Express family includes passenger models Passenger and Conversion with a number of seats from 8 to 15, as well as cargo-passenger Cargo with a number of seats from 8 to 12. Existing modifications: G1500 / H1500 Regular, G2500 Regular / Extended and G3500 Regular / Extended for all versions and Н2500 Regular / Extended for Cargo versions. The G index denotes a modification with rear-wheel drive and spring suspension, H - with a part-time 4-mode plug-in four-wheel drive.

Chevrolet Express looks heavy, which is typical for this class of American cars - square outlines prevail over all others. The front lighting, as on many other Chevrolet models, is two-tiered, separated by a massive horizontal bar. The rear doors in the upper part are designed in such a way that, when the flaps are open, high taillights are visible, which is good from a security point of view.

At the heart of the design of the car is a solid ladder frame. There are two versions of the machine - with a short (3429 mm) and long (3937 mm) bases. Dimensions of the "short base" 5691/2018/2072 mm, with a long base - 6199/2018/2084 mm; the track is 1721/1721 mm. Ground clearance 202 mm, rear - 188 mm. Curb vehicle weight an average of 2600 kg. The size of the cargo compartment in versions Cargo 3246/1282/1318 mm, its volume can reach a giant 6 cubic meters.

2017 Chevrolet Express Cargo Van 2500 - REVIEW Overview | Charleston, SC

The maximum carrying capacity is 1803 kg, and the maximum towed trailer weight (for a 5.3 liter engine) is 2905 kg.

Basic equipment includes power steering, power, 2 PB, ABS, radio, 12-volt outlet and a full-size spare wheel attached to the bottom of the body. For an additional fee, air conditioning, LCD TV tuner, alloy wheels with a diameter of up to 20 inches, electric driver and passenger seats (6 positions), parking sensors, central locking, cruise control are offered, and for passenger models, additional electric backs of the 2nd row of seats , heated 2nd row of seats, a refrigerator in the central part of the cabin, leather trim, chrome bag, air conditioning in the rear and a third row of seats, which are electrically foldable like a bed.

Interior materials are high quality. The dashboard since 2002 is ergonomically similar to the rest of the Chevrolet, which is not bad for a utility vehicle. Adjustable steering wheel, automatic gearbox, convenient switches and buttons make it possible not to get too tired on long journeys, and a high free landing and a good view from the front and sides give the driver an extra sense of confidence and control over the road.

The express can be completed with four Vortec petrol engines: a base 6-cylinder 12-valve 4.3 liter (195 hp, 353 Nm) and an eight-cylinder 16-valve 4.8 liter (285 hp, 400 N m), 5.3 l (295 hp, 454 N m) and 6 l (345 hp, 515 N m). Since 2006, for versions G / H2500 and G3500 offered 8-cylinder 32-valve turbo diesel Duramax volume of 6.6 liters (250 hp, 636 N m). Consumption of 92nd gasoline in the urban cycle is 16.8 liters, and when driving on a highway from 13.1 to 13.8 liters per 100 km (for different types of engines). The volume of the fuel tank 117 liters.

On all versions of the Express installed 4-speed automatic transmission Hydra-Matic. The drive in the base trim rear, but, as mentioned above, you can order and full.

Spring front suspension with anti-roll bar, rear of leaf springs. On the first models, the front brakes were disc and rear drum brakes; since 2002, they have been completely disc-mounted, together with ABS, they provide reliable braking. Despite the considerable size and weight, the car is controlled easily, accelerates well on a straight line and feels confident in turns. As an option on the Express, you can install the StabilliTrak dynamic stabilization system. The standard tire size is 235/75 R15 or 225 / 75R16.

Chevrolet Express is a roomy, powerful vehicle for the smooth and comfortable movement of almost two tons of cargo, or from 8 to 15 passengers.

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