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Schoolchildren picked up the car? | Chevrolet Epica in fat bundling

The new elegant middle class sedan (D) is simply created to attract the eye: an unusual design and impressive body length (4805 mm) make it stand out from the slim number of classmates. Among other advantages - exceptionally generous standard equipment, a comfortable lounge, effective noise isolation, excellent quality of finishing materials at a more than affordable price, plus an inexpensive and infrequent technical inspection.

Epica has replaced the Chevrolet Evanda and has some similarities with its predecessor, but at the same time is a completely new car, developed by the design center "GM DAT" (General Motors Daewoo and Technology) in South Korea. The car was supplied with a new platform, and in the same South Korea started the production of these cars in the city of Bupyong. The cars that have passed through the Kaliningrad Avtotor plant are delivered to Russia, where parts made in Korea are combined using the large-node method, while the Korean and Russian versions do not differ from each other.

Epica debuted at the beginning of March 2006 at the Geneva Motor Show. Today, the model is sold in more than 90 countries.

Chevrolet Epica turned out to be surprisingly beautiful and harmonious: the shape of the body, the structure of the head and rear optics, little things like repeaters of direction indicators built into the exterior mirror housing create a modern and fresh appearance that is not inferior to its competitors. Exterior harmoniously blends classic with modernity.

Large panoramic headlights with silver inserts of light bulbs, a powerful transverse bar on a chrome grille that carries a large Chevrolet emblem, combined with a large bonnet of a fancy design look very solid and even confident.

In profile Epica looks very modern due to the raised wedge-shaped profile. It is underlined by a characteristic line that runs along the front and rear wings. Designers placed chrome door handles of the classic type and large rear-view mirrors exactly along this line. The rear is dominated by a large bumper and a chrome lining that connects two sets of rear lights with round diffusers.

The car's interior is simple and modern: large round appliances with a chrome edging against the background of a classic black interior, all the switches and buttons around the driver's seat and on the center console are at hand, and high-quality materials add an impression of wealth. Adjustable tilt and reach steering column allows you to comfortably get behind the wheel to any driver. Behind the wheel, it’s easy to find a comfortable position, this is done by the servo drives of the driver’s seat, which are installed in all versions with automatic transmission and the most expensive version with “mechanics”, as well as the mechanical adjustment of the steering column.

The center console, in harmony with the dashboard, is highlighted in green. The on-board computer is conveniently located and the necessary information is always in sight. To control the electric windows and adjust the exterior rear-view mirrors, lightly pressing a key is enough. There are two separate displays for the clock and audio system. In addition to the cheapest configuration of the sedan, the Epica is equipped with a 6-disc CD changer with mp3 format support.

Salon at Epica is just huge. Oh, how great was the predecessor of Evanda, but Epica surpassed it by 35 mm. The width of the cabin at shoulder level - 144 cm, the space for the knees of the rear passengers - 96 cm - the best indicator in its class.

The model is offered in two versions - LS (basic) and LT. Already in the basic version, Epica has everything you need: air conditioning with an air filter for the passenger compartment, front and rear electric windows with automatic protection from pinching fingers, rear-view mirrors with electric adjustment, central locking with remote control and security system plus heated windscreen, athermal glass and fog lights.

Depending on the configuration, the Epica contains useful options such as heating and adjusting the lumbar support of the front seats, speed-adaptive power steering, rain sensors and parking assistance, but only when reversing, as well as a useful option for the Russian climate - heating windshield washer nozzles.

Also standard for the Epica car are five-spoke light alloy wheels (16-inch with 205 / 60R16 tires for the LS version, 17-inch with 215 / 50R17 tires for the LT version).

Chevrolet Epica boasts a huge luggage compartment of 480 liters. If necessary, the back of the back seat can be folded in the ratio of 60:40.

To ensure high smoothness, Epica is only equipped with two types of transverse in-line 6-cylinder engines: 24-valve 2.0-liter (144 hp) and 2.5-liter (156 hp) engines. The latter is offered only in combination with a 5-speed automatic transmission, equipped with a manual shift function. For a two-liter engine, you can choose as a "normal" automatic transmission with five steps, and a five-speed mechanics. The two-liter engine is able to accelerate the car to 207 km / h, and the Epica reaches a speed of 100 km / h in just 9.9 seconds. In this case, the car eats an average of only 8.2 liters per 100 kilometers. The 2.5-liter unit accelerates the car to a maximum of 209 km / h, but the speed of 100 km / h is achieved in the same 9.9 seconds. Because it is equipped only with automatic transmission, whereas the data on the 2-liter version were given based on the features of driving on a manual gearbox. On the machine, the 2-liter engine is not impressive with its dynamics: 11.8 seconds to a hundred and an average of 9 liters of gasoline per 100 km.

Chevrolet Epica is serially completed with 4-channel ABS and brake force distribution system. The passive safety system includes the hard frame of the passenger compartment, front airbags for the driver and passenger, as well as side airbags and curtains, downforce limiting devices and seat belt pretensioners.

The manufacturer advises to pass MOT only once a year or every 15,000 km. Air and fuel filters, for example, need to be changed only every 45,000 kilometers, and the coolant — every five years (or after 100,000 kilometers). The estimated service life of three-electrode iridium spark plugs is even greater - they are replaced only after 160,000 km. The timing chain of a 6-cylinder engine does not require maintenance at all, since the hydraulic tensioner always automatically provides the necessary tension on this chain. The car will be under warranty for 2 years, while the number of kilometers traveled does not matter.

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