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Chevrolet Aveo (Sail) - Progreso es progreso

In the spring of 2003, a new five-door hatchback and four-door sedan were shown at the Chicago Auto Show. The pedigree of the model comes from Daewoo Kalos (Kalos in Greek - "beautiful"), the first car that went into the series after the bankrupt Daewoo company was bought by GM. From the European Daewoo Kalos, the Aveo model is characterized by a horizontal chrome strip characteristic of the Chevrolet along the false radiator panel, larger dimensions, a more dynamic appearance, a larger boot, a spacious, more stylish and expensive interior.

Chevrolet Aveo 2004

Chevrolet Aveo was designed by the Italian automobile studio ItalDesign and produced in South Korea, it is distinguished by a bright personality and practicality. In Russia, the model is sold in the fall of 2004.

Despite its American origin, the Aveo received an international appearance. Studio "Jiujiaro" so skillfully formed the look of this model, depriving the exterior of the contradictions that the Aveo is perceived as a very harmonious car. The design perfectly combines the sharpness of strokes with the softness of the lines. Clear, almost sharp edges throughout the body, especially at the bottom of the door and on top of the wing to the wing, and at the same time a smooth silhouette. In short, the car turned out okay and beautiful.

The Aveo has some interesting features. The lower lights located under the bumper, which most people take for fog, in fact - dimensions. Still very successful front direction indicators. These are two broad boomerang under the headlights, very well designating the direction, clearly informing the neighbors downstream and, most importantly, pedestrians.

Officially, the Chevrolet Aveo belongs to the class "B". But, as befits a car that meets modern safety requirements and customer requirements for ergonomics, the Aveo overgrown, belonging to the class "B" formally, largely stepped into the class "C".

A well-equipped saloon offers a huge number of features that contribute to outstanding driver comfort and convenience: fully adjustable head restraints, power windows, remote control audio on the steering wheel, as well as adds an extra sense of luxury to the leather trimmed steering wheel and gear lever and a front armrest. The front panel is made of hard plastic, but it looks great and made very high quality.

The large size of the cabin means that there is not only plenty of space for passengers, but also plenty of space for their luggage. The Aveo's trunk has a volume of 400 liters, and the comfortable separately folding rear seats further increase this space, if necessary.

In the Russian market, two power units are offered to buyers: 1.2 (4-cylinder, 8-valve, 72 l / s, 123 Nm. At 3000 rpm) and 1.4 (4-cylinder, 16 tee valve, 94 l / s, 130 Nm. at 3400 rpm.).

Chevrolet Aveo 2006

The most powerful of the engines is so flexible that it does not cease to pull even at fifth gear during acceleration from 40 km / h, it allows you to start so dynamically that in the second reaches 100 km / h. And, of course, so fast Aveo rides thanks to perfectly selected gear ratios that perfectly match the characteristics of the engine. The engine capacity of 1.4 liters can be combined with an automatic transmission.

The official parameters of the manufacturer for fuel consumption - 8, 6 l / 100 km in the urban cycle.

The car is reliable in reactions, predictable in behavior and besides it holds the road very well. Very good suspension, energy consumption of which is set so well that passengers will not be able to experience discomfort, no matter what coatings or Aveo did not drive outside. Noise isolation is also at altitude.

As befits a modern car, the Aveo is equipped with power steering, air conditioning, ABC, power accessories, alloy wheels and fog lights. Options include an airbag for the driver and front passenger, plus 3-point seat belts for all passengers.

At the Shanghai Motor Show in April 2005, General Motors introduced a new generation of 2006 Chevrolet Aveo, developed jointly by GM-DAT and the PATAK technology center from Shanghai. The car was created on a modified predecessor platform (front McPherson strut, rear torsion suspension), but differs completely new body in the "faceted" style and updated interior. The dimensions of the new Aveo increased - wheelbase 2480 mm, overall dimensions - 4310х1710х1495 mm. Gamma engine consists of: 1.4 liter 94 hp. and 1.6 liters capacity of 103 hp

Chevrolet Aveo 2011

In 2011, Chevrolet introduced the second generation of the Aveo. The car is available in two body versions in the form of a five-door hatchback and sedan. Built on the new compact platform Gamma II "second" Aveo has become larger. The length of the sedan is 4.4 m (+9 cm), width - 1.74 m (+3 cm), height - 1.52 m (+1 cm). The main feature of the new platform is the wider use of high-strength steels, which made it possible to almost double the rigidity of the body. This has a beneficial effect on both safety and manageability. The chassis consists of traditional McPherson struts in the front, equipped with a stabilizer bar suspension and semi-independent torsion beam in the rear.

The appearance of the model has completely changed. Front linded optics emphasizes the look of a predator. Dual "guns" headlights are not hidden under a common glass cap, and installed separately. In the same style are made taillights. The hatchback received disguised rear doors with a handle in the window frame, a large rear visor visor and rear window, a beautifully fitted "overlap" to the door panel. Sedan looks more solid, justifying the promise of the creators, who suggested to aim the hatchback at the carefree youth, and the 4-door version - at young families.

The trunk of the sedan holds 502 liters - 102 liters more than the previous generation model! Hatchback capacity is more modest - only 290 liters. But when transforming the rear seats, the volume increases to 653 liters, and the fact that the folded backs do not form a flat floor is partly compensated for by the luggage rack, which can be installed at a convenient height.

Getting into the salon Aveo 2012 the first thing that catches the eye is the dashboard with a single dial (this tachometer) and a large information display with a digital speedometer. The salon itself is trimmed with fairly inexpensive materials that are inherent in budget cars. Steering wheel adjustment is now not only height, but also on the flight. The seats have a wide range of longitudinal adjustment.

Chevrolet Aveo 2012

Sophisticated design of storage places once again speaks about the attention of Aveo developers to the details. In addition to two glove compartments, one of which is equipped with a USB-out, the cabin has three cups for cups, as well as a number of compact compartments and door pockets, which makes it possible to store many things of different sizes.

Basic equipment for Russia includes air conditioning, mirrors and handles in body color, chrome grille, power windows, CD / MP3 audio system with USB and AUX connectors. As standard, Chevrolet Aveo is equipped with six airbags and an active safety system that includes an electronic stability control system, an anti-skid system, a four-channel anti-lock braking system with braking control and an electronic brake force distribution system. Also included in the standard equipment is a start-up assistance system and a cruise control with a speed limiting function. By the way, the second-generation Aveo was declared the safest car in its category in 2011 by the European Evaluation Program for New Cars (EuroNCAP).

The range of power units is quite extensive: 4 gasoline engines and two diesel. The most economical 1.2-liter gasoline engine (70 or 86 hp) will not be supplied to Russia. In the combined cycle, it consumes just 5.5 l / 100 km. Acceleration to 100 km / h takes 13.4 s. In our market, the Aveo 2012 is offered with petrol engines of 1.4 liters / 100 hp. and 1.6 l / 115 hp The units are new, modern, with adjustable valve timing and improved lubricant circulation, lighter and more durable than their predecessors. The 1.3 liter turbo diesel has two degrees of boost - from 75 to 95 hp. The choice of the buyer will be presented with 2 transmission options 5-speed manual or 6-speed automatic.

At the end of 2012, cars will begin to be assembled in Nizhny Novgorod: a contractual assembly contract between GM and GAZ provides for the annual release of 30 thousand sedans and hatchbacks with 1.4 and 1.6 petrol engines (both Euro 4) - both with a manual box and with an "automatic" ".

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