Chevrolet alero

2002 Oldsmobile Alero GL Start Up, Engine, and In Depth Tour

The car named Alero is known on both sides of the Atlantic. In 1999, the Detroit Auto Show hosted the world debut of this model. In the United States, Alero was sold under the brand of Oldsmobile, it replaced Achieva and was almost an exact copy of its colleague in General Motors, the model Pontiac Grand Am. Machines have a common platform, body power frame and engines. Differences - in the exterior body panels and interior design. Alero was produced in two versions - as a two-door coupe and a four-door sedan. In Europe, the model was delivered under the brand Chevrolet and only in the sedan.

The car has a low-key, calm appearance, at the same time not being deprived of a kind of charm. The domed shape of the roof in combination with thin racks and a large glass area of ​​the cabin gives the exterior notes of sportiness. This sensation reinforces a wedge-shaped profile with embossed bumps of niches above the front and rear wheels. By the way, the aerodynamic drag indicator is one of the best in the class - Cx = 0.32.

The salon is quite spacious and comfortable. The decoration used materials of different shades, but in general the color gamut is light. Leather and plastic pastel tones visually increase the internal volume. Wide console for better ergonomics slightly deployed to the driver. Instruments and controls are quite logical. The large and intelligible dashboard with large and sweeping numbers and pictograms is easy to read. It has the usual set of devices with one funny detail: the fuel gauge shows a small arrow showing which side the fuel tank hatch is located. Trunk volume is only 433 liters.

A set of standard options meets the American ideas about the vital equipment of the car of the middle class. Air conditioning, CD player, electric drives of all windows and mirrors, central locking on all doors, as well as remote trunk opening, an antenna integrated in the rear window and indispensable “glass holders” in the amount of 4 pieces. Additional equipment includes leather interior, sunroof and trunk spoiler.

The line of power units was represented by two engines: a four-cylinder displacement of 2.4 liters capacity of 141 hp with two anti-rotation balancing shafts to reduce vibrations and a 3.4-liter V6 with a capacity of 177 hp Two automatic transmissions - both 4-speed, but with different gear ratios.

A high degree of passive safety is provided by a rigid frame made of durable steel with special zones of destruction in the area of ​​the hood and trunk. It is complemented by protective beams and shock absorbing buffers from foamed polymer in the doors. This complex is complemented by an active safety system, which comes as standard with two airbags, АBS and anti-slip system. Alero is also equipped with a unique option - at dusk or in fog the headlights turn on automatically.

Alero - car for every day. Quite outwardly, comfortable, with a good margin of power and at the same time relatively inexpensive. But, despite the massive advertising campaign and an attractive price, it has not gained popularity in the Old World. In 2004, it was replaced by Chevrolet Epica.

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