Chery m11 (a3)

Chery M11 - Pride or Prejudice?

In April 2010, Chery M11 was introduced to the Russian car market. This stylish C-class car is not only an interesting design, but also meets the highest safety requirements. The model is available in the hatchback and sedan. She replaced the discontinued and obsolete model of Chery Fora.

Chery M11

The image of the "Chinese" was developed with the participation of the design bureau with a world name - Pininfarina. Thanks to the participation of the Italians, Chery M11 acquired its own unique style, both interior and body. Expressive lines, streamlined silhouette, a large angle of inclination of the windscreen create a rapid, dynamic image. The impeccable quality of body painting is ensured by the German robotic lines DURR. The Austrian company AVL, a recognized leader in engine building, took part in the development of the engine. (Among the clients of AVL are such well-known brands as BMW, Opel, AUDI, etc.). Clarity and comfort control is achieved through the use of multi-link self-twist suspension and steering system, set up and brought by MIRA (United Kingdom). All parts of the body and interior have been repeatedly tested and designed in accordance with all international norms and standards, they meet the highest requirements.

The exterior of the five-door hatchback differs from the sedan in a completely different design of the rear end, with lanterns of a different shape, another bumper, an additional brake light on the edge of the rear door and two tailpipes for the exhaust system. Another interesting hatchback design solution is the masked rear door handles.

Chery M11

Particular attention is paid to the manufacturer safety. They tried to equip the model with all possible elements of both active and passive safety. Chery M11 received five stars on the system C-NCAP. The car was supplied with a safety steering column that folds during an accident, reducing the risk of damage to the driver’s legs and chest. The body in a collision is deformed by a special scenario, which reduces the risk to the life and health of passengers and the driver of the car. The fortified car racks, reinforced roof panels, and shock bars of the front and rear doors are designed to maximize the safety of people's lives. Chery M11 is equipped with seat belts with pretensioners and a full set of airbags, including special inflatable "curtains", which in the event of an emergency protect the heads of people from injury by shards of glass. The creators of the car did not forget about child safety: the rear seats of the M11 are equipped with special ISO-FIX anchorages for children's car seats. The car is equipped with ESP - electronic stability control system, EBD - brake force distribution system, and anti-lock braking system ABS.

Chery M11

In addition to safety, manufacturers have taken care of a comfortable stay in the car. In total there are three fixed configurations: Basic, Comfort and Luxury. So, already in the basic configuration provides for the presence of air conditioning. All cars are equipped with an immobilizer, remote control switch door lock and central locking. The interior is stylish and practical, everything is thought out to the smallest detail: audio control buttons located on the steering wheel, accessible control of electric drives for the rear and front windows, rain, light and ambient temperature sensors, an audio system supporting the MP3 format, power steering and much another.

Under the hood is a 1.6-liter (117 hp) engine with which a 5-speed manual gearbox is being mounted. At home, the Chery M11 is also available with more powerful engines of 1.8 and even 2.0 liters.

The developers are seriously determined to conquer not only the Russian, but also the markets of the European Union and North America. They are confident that the M11 will become a worthy competitor to cars of other manufacturers in the segment C.

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