Chery bonus (a13)

Cherie Bonus A13 buy or better to buy a VAZ?

Chery Bonus, supplied to Russia, has been produced in Ukraine since 2011. In China, this model debuted in 2010 as Chery Fulwin 2. In the Ukrainian market, the car is known as ZAZ Forza. At the plant in Zaporozhye, welding and paintwork works are carried out, motors come from the neighboring Melitopol. On the car Chery Bonus installed Ukrainian batteries and wheels, upholstery and interior parts, even tires produced by Rosava.

Chery Bonus 2011

The body was created by Italian studio Torino Design on the principles of bionics. The exterior of the car is quite aggressive and sporty. This sensation is created thanks to the volumetric head optics of unusual shape, heavy bumper and sidewalls with embossed stampings. Slightly sloping feed with large rear optics complements the modern dynamic look. Despite the sedan's appearance, the boot lid rises along with the rear window, so Chery Bonus is a rare example of a liftback in the budget segment. In the interior no architectural excesses: everything is sparingly, but rational. The interior is made in black and gray tones. Hard plastic, square buttons, round twists. The instrument panel is highlighted in red, and a miniUSB device can be connected to the radio tape recorder. The driver's seat is adjustable not only horizontally, but vertically, the steering column is adjustable for the angle of inclination (but not for the departure). In the 2nd row there is room for legs, but the ceiling hangs low over the heads of tall passengers. Although the liftback’s roofline is rather high, it noticeably falls back. The inner space allows you to position the car as a 5-seater, although it is better, of course, to meet four of us on a long journey.

The wide trunk lid provides easy access to the liftback compartment. When fully seated in places trunk capacity - 370 liters. When folding the backs of the rear seats (separately in a 60/40 ratio), the loading space increases to 1,400 liters. True, the back "does not lie down exactly" on the floor "and is given out above the loading platform. Chery Bonus is equipped with a 1.5-liter SQR477F engine and 109-liter capacity. with., he was created in conjunction with the Austrian company AVL. More precisely, it was not created, but it was being finalized - the aggregate from the Amulet model served as a donor for it. The maximum torque of the 16-valve engine reaches 140 Nm. Together with it, a 5-speed manual gearbox QR515MHA is installed. The front suspension is independent, such as McPherson, and the rear is semi-independent, with hydraulic shock absorbers. Front brakes - disc, rear - drum brakes.

Chery Bonus (A13)

Bonus will be available in four trim levels: Basic, Basic plus, Comfort and Luxury. The basic equipment includes one airbag, power steering, air conditioning, immobilizer, central locking and front electric windows. The Base Plus version has been supplemented by rear electric windows, power mirrors and heated fog lamps, and in the trunk instead of the dokatka is a full-size spare wheel on a steel disc. The Comfort version received decorative caps on steel discs, anti-lock brakes (ABS) with brake force distribution (EBD), heated front seats and an audio system with 4 speakers. The top-end equipment Luxury boasts alloy wheels, parking sensor, audio system with 6 speakers and parking sensors.

The car has the necessary minimum of both active and passive safety of the driver and passengers. In the Base versions, there is only one “cushion” - the front one for the driver. And only in the Comfort and Luxury trim levels, dual SRS front airbags are provided for the driver and front passenger. The programmable deformation of the front of the machine greatly dampens the impact force even with a severe frontal collision. The results of the crash-tests showed that massive amplifiers of the roof, body and doors allow you to save living space intact in road accidents. The Bonus did not pass the “shock” test according to the EuroNCAP method, only the results of the “liftback” test according to the Chinese C-NCAP standards are known (the program is characterized by relatively mild conditions).

A little later there was a version with a hatchback, which received its own name Chery Very. Hatchback turned out a little shorter than the sedan. The length is 4139 mm, width - 1686 mm, and height - 1492 mm. Trunk volume is 380 liters, but if you fold the back of the rear seat - it instantly grows to 1300 liters.

Chery Bonus will be quite competitive with budget models such as Lada Priora, Renault Logan, Geely MK and Lifan Solano.

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