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Test drive from Davidych. Cadillac Escalade.

Rumors about the intentions of General Motors to release the Cadillac suv coupe leaked to the press in the early 90s. However, year after year, no noticeable steps followed. And so it happened. In 1999 he debuted a full-size Cadillac Escalade. Translate car name is not easy. The word "escalade" in the Russian language is outdated, not having time to settle down. In the sense of - this is the assault on the fortress wall with the use of ladders.

The basis for this car was the Chevrolet Tahoe (aka GMC Yucon / Denali). The exterior was slightly ennobled, embellished with Cadillac's "jewelry", hung the world-famous coat of arms. Designers achieved quite good results - the falshradiator grille of the classic “Cadillac” form, traditional for the models of the company, five-spoke wheels gave the car a new image, inside Escalade belonging to the “higher caste” was felt even more. The interior is dominated by light leather and wood, and rear passengers, like in executive cars, are given the opportunity to control all the functions of the audio system.

As for the technical features, the relationship with the models of GMC and Chevrolet is obvious - the cars are equipped with the same engines and gearboxes. Engine - gasoline V-shaped volume of 5.7 liters capacity of 255 hp The maximum speed is limited to 177 km / h. Acceleration time to 100 km / h - 10.5 seconds. Transmission - automatic 4-speed. Designers finalized only the front suspension, which significantly added to the SUV comfort.

Cadillac Esсalade has impressive dimensions: length - 5110 mm, width - 1960 mm, height - 1890 mm. Wheelbase - 2984 mm. With all the extra equipment, it weighs 2545 kg. This SUV has found a real commercial success immediately after the release of the sale. An interesting fact is that experienced designers managed to create this phenomenal model in just 10 months.

In the fall of 2001, the Escalade EXT pickup appeared. It is as unified as possible with the SUV and is not inferior to it either in the luxury of the cabin (real leather, wood, expensive Bose stereo, full power accessories and other attributes), or in prestige.

The main design feature of the Escalade EXT is the original transformer body with a plastic top, ideal for transporting sports equipment. The cover is equipped with an electric drive, so that the process is as automated as possible.

In the dependent rear suspension Escalade EXT applied shock absorbers Nivomat type with automatic leveling of the body when loading. Standard equipment includes a tire pressure monitoring system, XM Satellite satellite digital radio (only available in the United States) and towing equipment.

In 2002, the car was completely redesigned. Design features: bearing spar frame with engine, transmission and suspensions fixed on it, steel body, independent front suspension on torsions and rigid rear axle with a system of levers compensating longitudinal and transverse rolls, however, Cadillac Escalade has a rear air suspension that improves smoothness .

On the rear-wheel drive version of Escalade, a 5.3-liter V8 Vortec engine (295 hp, 447 Nm) is installed, while for the Escalade AWD version, a more serious 6.0 liter V8 Vortec engine (345 hp, 515 Nm ) with permanent all-wheel drive with center differential. It is the version with a 6.0-liter V8 and all-wheel drive since 2005 began to officially sell in Europe, including in Russia.

The package for Europe includes leather interior trim, HVAC climate system, including seat ventilation and three-zone climate control, front and side airbags, full electric, audio system with DVD and (optional) TV for rear passengers. Chrome-plated 20-inch alloy wheels are also available as an option.

In 2002, a larger, full-size SUV Escalade ESV, based on the chassis of the Chevrolet Suburban / GMC Tahoe XL off-road SUV, rolled off the GM conveyor at Silao.

The model received the All-Weel Drive permanent all-wheel drive system and a 6.0 liter V8 Vortec engine in the High Output version (345 hp, 515 Nm), aggregated with a 4-speed automatic transmission.

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The basic equipment includes the All-Speed ​​Traction Control traction control system, leather trim, 4 airbags, a media system (Bose audio, navigation along with DVD, XM Satellite satellite radio and a 6-disc CD changer, and since 2005 a new 6.5 inch interactive screen), StabiliTrak system, electric windows and mirrors. Since 2005, only one has been offered, but equipped with a "maximum" modification.

In early 2007, sales of the new generation Escalade started in Europe, which is distinguished by even greater refinement, style perfection, improved functional qualities and recognizable form. Cars of the 2007 model year are available in three versions: with a standard, extended base (ESV) and pickup (EXT). The last two versions - on the increased by 14 inches (356 mm) base.

Like previous versions of Escalade, the current one is unified in technology with the Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban, but occupies a privileged place in the GM model range. Style, decoration and equipment correspond to the price and image.

Body, chassis, frame, engine and transmission - none of the elements used in the former Escalade. The frame of the closed profiles is 35% harder to bend and 49% torsional than the previous model. This has significantly improved the road manners of the car, without sacrificing comfort.

Suspension - with adjustable shock absorbers, automatically adapting to the nature of the road. The body with the windscreen inclination increased to 57 degrees has a coefficient of drag Cx = 0.363, which is very low for a coupe.

Completely redesigned exterior body panels create the impression of more streamlined, stylish and clean lines, while no one doubts that this is a true Escalade car.

In the front is the Cadillac canonical grille with oval holes, on the sides of which are installed three-component xenon headlights. In the style of the front part, the back part is shaded with chrome elements. The car also has a more spacious and luxurious interior in a unique style.

Compared with the predecessors, Escalade 2007 received advanced active and passive safety systems. The SUV is equipped with front and side airbags, as well as inflatable curtains and automatically tightened upon impact not only from the front, but also from any other side of the straps. Active safety is provided by the StabiliTrak system with the optional rollover prevention function.

The 2007 model year Escalade is equipped with a 6.2-liter (409 hp) V-8 engine with a block and head of an aluminum alloy block and a variable valve timing system (VVT). Paired with the engine running an effective 6-speed automatic transmission.

Escalade is available with two trim levels: Elegance and Sport Luxury. The rich equipment version of the Elegance includes a tailgate with electric drive, a system for reversing with an LCD display, comfort enhancement systems such as three-zone climate control, a speaker system with a DVD player and a 6-disc CD changer, 10- Bose 5.1 Discrete Surround Sound System speakers, seats with leather upholstery (with heated first and second row seats), electrically adjustable front seats and the ability to save adjustment parameters for two drivers.

In the Sport Luxury version, cars are additionally equipped with other basic equipment, such as a skylight, heated and ventilated front seats and a heated steering wheel. The standard equipment of the cars of the Sport Luxury version also includes a DVD player with a wide eight-inch folding screen mounted on the ceiling in front of the rear seats.

Cadillac Escalade is a stylish embodiment of classic masculinity and noble power. This car is not only 100% percent worth the investment in it - it will become your close friend and helper. The main production site of Escalade is a plant in Arlington, Texas. Pickup Escalade EXT collected in Mexico.

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