Cadillac brougham

Test Drive the 1990 Cadillac Brougham

The Cadillac Brougham is a full-size 4-door luxury sedan, which was first introduced by the American car company Cadillac in 1987. The history of the name Brougham began in 1916, which at that time were carried by carriages. Directly in the production of cars, this name began to appear in the 50s, namely the so-called version of the Cadillac Eldorado in a 4-door sedan. The first Eldorado Brougham was introduced in 1956, and then was issued in a limited series until 1960. The name Brougham is also related to the Fleetwood series in the period from 1965 to 1986 .. And only since 1987, the Cadillac Brougham became an independent model, which, in fact, was previously presented by the Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham model, but the Fleetwood series changed the full-size models to less bulky versions, and Fleetwood Brougham received the name "Brougham".

Model Cadillac Brougham was built on the basis of the D-platform class super-long, the wheelbase of which was 3 086 mm. The length of the car - 5 613 mm, width -1 943 mm, and height - 1440 mm.

For the Brougham car, three options were proposed for gasoline engines: a carburetor power unit V8 Oldsmobile with a volume of 5.0 liters and 140 hp, a 5-liter V8 Chevrolet injection engine with a capacity of 170 hp, and a 5.7 liter V8 injection engine, whose power ranged from 175 hp up to 185 hp. As for the transmission, a 3-speed automatic transmission was offered for the Cadillac Brougham with carburetor 5-liter engines, and a 4-speed automatic transmission could be installed as an option, which for the other injection engines was standard complete set.

In 1989, the Cadillac Brougham underwent a slight change in the front end, which mainly affected the grille. And already in 1990, the car body was subjected to quite significant changes, as a result of which the height of the car increased by 18 mm (1 458 mm). New front and rear lights have appeared, and the bumper has also been updated. In the same year, the Chevrolet V8 engine of 5.7 liters began to be offered as an option.

In 1992, the production of an independent model called Cadillac Brougham was completed, and the name Brougham itself was again assigned to one of the modifications of the Fleetwood series. It is worth noting that during the years of its production, Brougham was the longest standard model from Cadillac.

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