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2008 Cadillac BLS. Start Up, Engine, and In Depth Tour.

The Cadillac BLS is a premium four-door mid-size sedan. This front wheel drive car is designed specifically for the European market. At the moment, the smallest member of the Cadillac family. It is built on the same platform as the Saab 9-3 and Opel Vectra, but it turned out to be slightly larger than its European counterparts - its overall dimensions (4680 mm in length, 1750 mm in width and 1449 mm in height). For reference: BLS weighs one and a half tons. The debut of the car took place in 2005 at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

The Cadillac BLS design was developed by an international team led by GM Vice President of Design Ed Welburn. The car has concise clear lines, a wedge-shaped body and an elegant interior. The vertical lines of the front and rear parts of the body — the lines of a chrome-plated V-shaped grille — a business card of the Cadillac brand — are repeated in the outlines of the trunk lid. Large side surfaces of the body create a feeling of power and reliability. Complement the picture of crystal lights and elegant fog mounted in the front bumper. The central brake light, made by LED technology, is located on the trunk lid and stands for the dimensions of the body. In addition to his direct appointment, he also plays the role of a spoiler.

In contrast to the exterior, rounded, flowing lines dominate the interior. Round dials of instruments have a black background, on which white numbers and red hands stand out. The steel rectangle of the analog clock in the very center of the front panel slightly falls out of the general style. The three-spoke steering wheel with leather-covered rim attracts attention. The seats are covered with high-quality leather with intentionally highlighted stitching. The deflectors of the heating and ventilation system are trimmed with polished aluminum, the frame of the same metal adorns the center console. In short, the atmosphere of luxury reigns inside.

Modern information and entertainment systems BLS include: high-quality sound from the American company Bose - a recognized expert in the field of "hi-fi", Touch Screen to control on-board systems, DVD-player and, of course, Bluetooth, which will help keep in touch by connecting on-board systems with your mobile phone.

Three Cadillac BLS are available with turbocharged petrol engines. These are two 2.0-liter four-cylinder units (with a capacity of 175 and 210 hp), as well as a high-tech six-cylinder engine with a displacement of 2.8 liters, developing a maximum power of 255 hp. It is equipped with a turbocharger and variable valve timing system. This power unit accelerates the Cadillac BLS from 0 to 100 km / h in just 6.7 seconds with amazing ease.

Completes the picture only in the entire Cadillac model range, a brand new turbo diesel with a diesel particulate filter that does not require replacement. The working volume of the power unit is 1.9 liters, and the power is 150 hp.

#TESTDRIVE Cadillac BLS [2007]

The BLS can be equipped with a five or six-speed manual gearbox, as well as a five or six-speed automatic gearbox, depending on the type of engine.

The suspension and steering settings of the BLS are commendable. The car passes corners without excessive rolls, obeying the movement of the driver's hand.

Cadillac BLS is equipped with the most advanced security systems: anti-lock braking system (ABS), traction control system (TCS) of the latest generation, mechanical power brake system.

Cadillac is currently working on a sports version of the BLS sedan. The novelty will receive the prefix Sport and will go on sale at the end of January 2007.

From the base car BLS Sport will differ lower and stiffer suspension, the presence of 18-inch wheels with low profile tires and a special interior trim in a sporty style. Wooden inserts gave way to the lining of polished aluminum, and the standard steering wheel was replaced by a more “sporting”.

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