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The Chinese passenger car BYD F3 was unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show in April 2005. In the Russian market, the model debuted in 2007 as part of the auto show "Automobile World 2007". It took a little more than a year to develop and launch this model. Its appearance on the market caused a real coup - in less than a year, more than 55 thousand BYD F3 appeared on the roads of China, which raised the total sales volume of BYD Auto more than 4.5 times.

This class C sedan (overall dimensions 4533x1705x1490 mm) was originally created with an eye to the external market, and therefore taking into account the tastes of Europeans. The car was based on the Toyota Corolla Altis, widely known in Southeast Asia.

Exterior distinguished chrome moldings, door handles and grille in harmony with alloy wheels. Salon BYD F3 has a decent level of assembly, finishing of materials of light colors. Ergonomics driver's place at the proper level. Criticism can only cause a lack of adjustment of the steering column height. The rear row of seats is designed to a greater extent for short-size passengers; it may not be enough for higher head spaces.

However, in the back row, the chairs of which are folded in the ratio of 70:30, there are all attributes of comfort: a retractable armrest, an ashtray, a lamp is installed. On the way, passengers are entertained by the audio system with a CD changer, the climate control system takes care of comfort, and the parking assist helps the driver. The interior of the BYD F3 is generally meticulous, but solid, with a well-thought-out organization. Visibility is good, except that the side mirrors are very close objects.

BYD F3 is equipped with a four-cylinder sixteen-valve gasoline engine of 1.6 liters., 100 hp. at 6 00 rpm This power unit, created by Mitsubishi, has a moderate appetite of up to 7-10 liters. fuel per 100 km. But in order to quickly accelerate the car, you need to constantly turn the engine and often switch gears of a fuzzy manual gearbox, and the steering of the car is not happy with high rates of information. With minor irregularities running confidently cope and does not create discomfort in the cabin. Especially easily and imperceptibly extinguished tremors from all sorts of bumps and patches. But on larger ones, for example, a “recumbent policeman,”, excessive elasticity affects the tail of the car. Brakes the car well, thanks to the disc brakes on all wheels, ABS does not sleep and works on time. And yet, calmly and smoothly, it is possible and necessary to drive a BYD F3, since it is this type of ride that this model provides.

The BYD F3 sedan model is available in three trim levels: BYD F3 1.6 MT GLX-i, 1.6 MT G-i, 1.6 MT GL-i. The engine is combined only with a five-speed manual gearbox.

Basic modification includes: velor interior, air conditioning, electric windows and mirrors, power steering, ABS with EBD, front airbags, central locking with remote control, seat belts with predecessor. In addition, protection of passengers is provided by a reinforced body with energy absorbing zones located on it. More expensive modifications are completed with a full package of security systems, have leather trim with wooden inserts (top-end modification), a CD player, climate control system, parking sensors. For a fee, a navigation system and electric sunroof are offered.

On December 27, 2007, a crash test was carried out using the EuroNCAP method in the laboratory of the Dmitrov landfill (FGUP NITSIAMT). According to the results of the test, BYD F3 scored 10.2 points out of 16 possible.

Spacious interior, a huge list of options, decent performance in combination with more than affordable price - these are the reasons why the F3 became a bestseller in China.

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