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Buick century

2003 Buick Century Custom Startup Engine In Depth Tour

On the initiative of Harlow Curtis (general manager of Buick, who later became executive director of General Motors) in the second half of the 30s, the company switched to a new designation of its models. So the 60 Series models were called Century. Buick Century was popular among politicians and businessmen. Under the hood was a 120 hp engine. Able to accelerate the car to 95 miles per hour. It was one of the most powerful and fast cars of the time. In 1942, in connection with the First World War, the release of the model temporarily ceased.

Buick century

Production was resumed only in 1954 and, of course, in a new design. In addition to the sedan, the Century model line also offered a station wagon (Buick Century Caballero). In 1955, commissioned by a California state road patrol, Buick created 2-door sedans that were not available to the general public. In 1959, the Century came to replace the Invicta.

Only in 1973, the model under the name Century reappears in car dealerships. At this time, Century successfully competes in the market with the Pontiac Grand Prix and Pontiac Gran Am. Available as before, in several versions: rear-wheel drive sedan, coupe and station wagon.

Buick century

The following updates were waiting for the Buick Century in 1978. The two-door version received a fastback body (aeroback). Complement the range as usual sedan and wagon. The car has noticeably decreased in size and has become a few hundred pounds lighter than its predecessor.

In 1982, an updated front-wheel-drive Buick Century appeared on the new A-platform. This generation turned out to be a long-liver, having existed right up to 1996, of course, not once subjected to updates. The first serious facelift followed in 1986. The car received a new front part with a reverse inclination of the grille (such as "shark nose"). In 1988, a 2.5-liter unit with balancing shafts was added to the engine range. Then in 1989, new taillights and a modified grille. The shape of the side windows also changed slightly. From the same year, a new 3.3-liter V6 engine was installed on the car. The grille changed its appearance back in 1991 and 1994, but each time these changes were no longer so drastic and noticeable.

Buick century

In 1997, Buick Century was redesigned. Now the car was released on the updated front wheel drive W-platform and exclusively as a sedan. Body dimensions: length 4943 mm, width 1847 mm, height 1438 mm. The model received a new aerodynamic body and a gasoline 6-cylinder V-twin engine with a turbocharger and an oil cooling system with a displacement of 3.1 liters and 175 hp. at 5200 Rev / m with a maximum torque of 264 N / m at 4000 Rev / m. The power unit was paired with an automatic four-speed gearbox. The maximum speed of 205 km / h. Acceleration to 100 km in 10.5 s.

Buick century

Smooth contours in combination with a massive bumper, a thin line of a spoiler and integral caps on wheels created an image of a calm car for the average American. The cabin was quite spacious and could accommodate up to 6 people. Buick launches Century in two trim levels - Custom and Limited. Salon Limited was trimmed in leather. Both versions had a McPherson type front suspension and a rear independent. Galvanized body elements guarantee reliable protection against corrosion.

Buick Century periodically received new options and technological innovations. For example, opening a door without a key, a modern stereo system and many other pleasant things. The car received new brakes. The set of elements of passive safety included two airbags and seat belts with inertia reels.

In 2004, the Century model was discontinued.

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