Brilliance h530

2014 Brilliance H530. Start Up, Engine, and In Depth Tour.

New BrillianceH530 Sedan distinguishes stylish and practical body design from the Italian company Pininfarina, able to emphasize the status of its owner. However, the car convenient not only for business trips, but also for family trips out of the city - roomy the trunk (520 l.) will satisfy any requests and hobbies of its owner.

Brilliance h530

BrillianceH530 equipped with a Mercedes-Benz 4-cylinder engine joint development, Mitsubishi and Chrysler - 4A92A volume of 1.6 liters and 110 hp, economical in fuel consumption - only 6.9 liters of gasoline per 100 km and fully complies with the ecological Euro IV class.

The Brilliance H530 transmission, both automatic and mechanical, includes 5 gears. Automatic Brilliance H530 highly reliable and does not require separate maintenance, including oil change.

Independent spring front suspension McPherson type with stabilizer lateral stability and a semi-dependent spring beam as the rear suspension, a minimum turning radius of 5.5 m - provide excellent handling and allow the driver Brilliance H530 to feel confident on the road.

The car body has a high level of rigidity due to use of high strength alloys. TO Passive safety features include a traumatic steering column, airbags.

The car is equipped with an intelligent keyless control system, automatic door locking at speeds above 25 km / h and automatic unlocking doors in a collision, traumatic windows and automatic closing windows, "child" locks of the rear doors and rear parking sensors that also protects passengers.

The interior design of the Brilliance H530 uses only soft, tactile plastics, nice fabrics, and ergonomic seats make you feel comfortable even during long trips.

AT Russia, the car is presented in four trim levels. Cost Brilliance H530 makes it one of the most affordable sedans in the C segment.

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