Bmw z8

Here's the BMW Z8 Is Worth $ 200,000

The BMW Z8 is a model of two-seater sports car with an aluminum body.

The prototype was introduced in the fall of 1997 in Tokyo, the BMW Z8 serial model in 2000. It is produced in small quantities at factories in Dingolfing and Munich.

The exterior design of the car resembles the legendary model of the 1950s. BMW 507, created by Count Albrecht Goetz: long hood, big wheels. The work of designer Henrik Fiskers pays tribute to the legacy of this sports car, and under the beautiful lining of aluminum and carbon fiber panels there is a spatial aluminum frame, no less complex than the suspensions of many modern racing cars, which provides high rigidity indicators. The quick-release aluminum roof, as well as the rear panel in the open version, is made at the same time with the rear wings and the "trunk" (in fact, there is no trunk lid as such). With the transformation of the body from the coupe to the roadster, the rear part of the car is completely replaced. The chassis elements are also made of aluminum alloys, and the bumpers are made of polyurethane.

The idea of ​​the remake of the cars of the fifties and sixties proved to be win-win and attracted general interest. At the end of the century, humanity is increasingly looking back. The events of the mid-century largely determined the modern frame of mind and the general state of society. Therefore, it is not surprising that designers are increasingly willing to look at the images of those years. Over the past 4 years, we have already witnessed "reincarnations" in the face of the concept cars of the once popular Renault Fifty and Mini Cooper. A "born again" Volkswagen Beetle and did reach the conveyor. Also, the BMW Z8 is perceived as, reinterpreted after decades, the model 507. Their interconnection is deliberately emphasized by the wide nostrils of the air intakes, the smooth contours of the wings, the small angle of inclination of the windshield, the wheel with the central nut and even the ceiling of the back of the license plate. Already revived in the Z3, M Roadster and M Coupe models, the “gills” on the front fenders are also inherited from 507. On the BMW Z8, they are perfectly combined with the narrow optics of turn signal repeaters. And the steering wheel with spring spokes returns us to the era of the 30s. But the BMW Z8 is not just a modern remake of a particular car. The combination of classic elegance of the Z8, its speed, controllability and modern technology helps to create a modern legend.

POV BMW Z8 Roadster 4.9 V8 400 HP (1 of 62) SPRING DRIVE

Bavarians have saved buyers from the headache associated with the choice of additional equipment: it is simply not provided. But the standard equipment includes air conditioning, navigation system, high-end audio installation, traction control, DSC III dynamic stabilization system, front and side airbags. The trunk is tiny, its volume is only 205 liters (as on our Oka). But after all, the Z8 is not made to carry suitcases and bags of groceries! But two sets of golf clubs fit here.

The car BMW Z8 is equipped with a V-shaped eight-cylinder engine. With a working volume of 5 liters, this engine develops a power of 400 liters. with. at 6,600 rpm, the maximum torque is 500 Nm. High torque is achieved, in particular, through the use of the VANOS dual-valve system and individual throttle valves, which for the first time received electronic control. Traction and dynamic characteristics of the BMW Z8 model are provided with a six-speed gearbox and dynamic stability control DSC III. Acceleration from zero to 100 km / h takes less than 5 seconds. To a complete stop of the BMW Z8, going at this speed, 2.5 seconds is enough. Tires are equipped with an emergency running system.

The BMW Z8 was named Car of the Year - 2001 in the Robb's Report. This title, awarded at the Los Angeles International Motor Show, is annually given to cars worth more than $ 40,000, whose design, style and specifications allow them to be put on a par with the best sports and representative cars in the world.

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