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BMW Z3 - sports cars, assembled in the United States at the BMW plant in Spartanburg, North Carolina. Z3 exists in two versions - a roadster and a coupe. In addition to the type of bodywork between these models, there are no significant differences.

The Z3 Roadster Roadster is an open car. It was first shown in Geneva in October 1995. And immediately became a movie star - played a major car role in one of the films about the adventures of the British superspy James Bond.

Made in the style of sports cars of the 50s, the Z3 combines retro styling with a modern filling. The soft top of the open body has a semi-automatic electro-hydraulic drive as standard and automatic on request. The aggressive "nostrils" of the false radiator grille, slanted headlights that distinguish the roadster from the rest of the company's models, and the side "gills" cause associations with the appearance of a predatory shark embodied in metal and glass. Created according to the classical scheme - the engine in front, the driving wheels in the back - this car allows you to go through very sharp turns at high speed without fear of skidding due to the wide wheel track, almost perfect axle load, low center of gravity, combined with a hard suspension and precise steering with amplifier. A highly efficient and reliable braking system with ABS and disc brakes on all wheels, combined with an automatic stability control system with traction control (ADC + T), will ensure the machine's handling in all situations.

Model Z3 Coupe was first introduced in the fall of 1998. Built on the basis of the Z3 Roadster, it comes with a closed 2-seater body and has a hardtop.

In general, it is not even a coupe, but a very rare combination - a sports wagon. Due to this, the Z3 is quite acceptable in terms of the trunk and not cramped interior. True to the standards of a sports car - if your height is more than 180 centimeters, I really want to push the seat further than possible.

Among the spotlights, the Z3 looks like a dwarf - only four meters in length. But the baby’s figure is the most sporting - from the long, almost half-hood to the spectacular, Porsche-style arches of the rear wheels.

Of course, on the autobahn Z3 will not be able to either with Ferrari or with the Dodge Viper. Its regular aisle of 230 km / h is also easy to reach on a classic sedan. True, the sensation of driving will be different - the Zeta has all the habits - suspension stiffness, sharp steering, acceleration dynamics - purely sporting. And if the element of these sports cars is straight as an arrow of the autobahn, then the element of the kid is narrow, winding rural roads. (In Europe, of course. The quality of coverage there is the same as on the highways, only the roads themselves are narrower. In our country roads you can drive only on an armored troop-carrier.)

The Z3 uses a five-speed manual transmission with clear, short shifting and precise lever strokes. The perfect selection of gear ratios ensures high dynamics over the entire speed range.

BMW Z3 / The Original Ultimate Roadster

Salon Z3 is made in the sport-racing style. Coating type Kevlar, bright colors, anatomical seats, an abundance of devices. However, everything is ergonomic, thought out convenient and practical. As they say BMW she is always BMW.

Z3 is in high demand, but the specificity of the production is that the cars were assembled in America, then sent to Germany for testing and only after that were put up for sale. The most affordable option Z3 involves the installation of a 1.8-liter engine producing 116 hp. The car has a moderate temperament and is designed not so much for sports driving as for quiet walks. Slightly more dynamic and high-speed second 4-cylinder version Z3 (1.9 l, 140 hp). The straight six, with a volume of 2.8 liters and a power of two hundred forces, is what makes the Z3 a truly exciting sports car. Excellent acceleration dynamics, high maximum speed behind the wheel of a small roadster open to all winds - all this is perceived a hundred times sharper than, say, in a BMW sedan with the same engine and similar parameters.

In addition to the standard modification, there is an option for those who like it hot - M Roadster (presented in Geneva in 1997). It is distinguished by the most powerful engine (inline “six” with a displacement of 3.2 l from the BMW M3), spectacular interior decoration (color inserts of the seats and a number of additional devices) and the lack of “help” systems (such as the same ADC + T). This machine shows a great agility, but does not forgive mistakes. In general, the thrill and adrenaline in the blood of the driver of such an instance provided. Especially on the snow-covered road ...

In March 1999, a modification with a 6-cylinder engine capacity of 2.0 liters. In 2000, these cars acquired new 2.2 and 3.0 liter engines with 170 and 231 hp. The family of 2-seater cars Z3 includes roadsters with engines of 118-231 hp. and coupe only with a 6-cylinder unit of 231 hp

In 2003, a spy photo of the next generation BMW Z3 appeared, taken on a test track in Sweden. Despite the camouflage, you can easily say that the new Z3, codenamed E85, will be larger than the existing model. The new model will also receive a more spacious cabin and more space for luggage.

It is expected that the new Z3 will receive a new range of engines. It will open its entry-level 4-cylinder petrol engine with a volume of 2.0 liters and a power of 143 horsepower. The 190-horsepower 2.5-liter unit and the 3.0-liter “six” with a capacity of more than 230 hp will continue the gamut. At the top is the M version of the roadster, which will appear about a year after the launch of the main model in the series, and will be equipped with a 3.2-strong row “six” with a capacity of 343 horsepower.

Borrowing suspension elements from the BMW 3-series, the new Z3 is expected to have better road stability than the existing model. The main competitors will be the next-generation Mercedes SLK and the Audi TT.

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