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BMW M Roadster Review - S54

BMW M Roadster is a sports double car.

The BMW M Roadster was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in 1996, and in February 1997 it began to roll off the assembly line. Cars of this type are distinguished by compact 2-seater bodies with a length of only 4 m. They are 100 kg lighter than those of the similar M3 with a coupe body. A rather stiff sport suspension, tuned to fast driving and confident cornering, is characteristic of cars bearing the body of the M. The interior of this model is significantly different from the interior of its brethren. On a series M establish mechanical 6-speed transmissions.

Under the hood of this car hides a row "six" with a working volume of 3.2 liters from the BMW M3 model. In the European version, the model M roadster is produced only with a manual transmission with an engine capacity of 321 hp. Motor M roadster, entering the American market, develops a power of 243 hp. This is due to the lower level of forcing, the use of low-octane gasoline to reduce operating costs.

In the spring of 2001, this car found an updated power units with a working volume of 3.25 liters (from 321 to 325 hp). As on the M3 models, here too were branded dynamic stabilization systems for DSC driving and tire pressure monitoring. This allows them to be considered the most torquey sports cars in the entire family of BMW models.

Another novelty - the long-awaited BMW M Roadster of a new generation - has already begun road tests in Europe. Probably, by 2004 this car will be completely ready. Reports the edition about it AutoWeek.

The new M Roaster is built on the basis of the new BMW Z4, and will receive the same 3.2-liter six-cylinder engine with 333 horsepower, which is equipped with the latest generation BMW M3. From this model, the novelty will borrow a six-speed gearbox. Moreover, the dynamic characteristics of the roadster, given its weight, will be significantly better than that of the large BMW M3 coupe, and will be able to please fans of outdoor sports cars.

In addition to the powerful engine, the new 'charged' roadster will receive some changes in its appearance. As expected, the front and rear bumpers will give way to a new, more aggressive form with developed air intakes, and a small spoiler will appear on the trunk lid. According to tradition, the car's suspension will also undergo significant changes, as well as its braking system, where larger diameter brake discs will appear.

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