Bmw 8-series

BMW 8 Series Coupé 2018. All you need to know.

The BMW 8 Series is a comfortable sports car with a coupe-type body.

In September 1989, the 8-Series coupe debuted, combining sportiness, comfort, new technologies and expensive first-class equipment. In addition, the coupe had style elements that are typical for BMW. The 8-series coupe shone with the latest technology of this brand, ranging from traction control and rear-wheel steering systems to adaptive suspension and intelligent automatic transmission. And also equipped with an automatic level control system with two modes: "comfort" and "sport". 300 hp motor with the aluminum cylinder block and the head of the block was the same as on the 750i.

The BMW 850i is a coupe-type car designed for long journeys, with an elegantly equipped interior, ergonomically immaculate seat design, a high degree of comfort and a great engine. The car belongs to the class of Gran Turismo. Since 1992, the V12 S70 B56 engine with a working volume of 5578 cc was installed on the model 850CSi. and a maximum power of 380 hp (formally, this car can be called the M8, although there was a real M8 with a modified suspension and body in the project). "Integral" rear axle of the car provides excellent stability on the go, especially with fast cornering. In 1994, on the 850Ci model, the power unit was replaced by a 12-cylinder 5.4 liter M73 engine with a power of 327 hp. The model 850 was put only automatic transmission.

However, the price was still too high, and in 1993, the 840Ci model appeared with an 8-cylinder engine with 286 hp, 6-speed transmission and less electronics. And in 1995, on the model 840Ci installed a new engine V-shaped 8-cylinder M62 with increased to 4.4 liters volume and power of 286 hp

2019 BMW 8 Series Convertible - interior exterior and Drive

The 6-speed manual transmission was less popular than the automatic: rich buyers tended to opt for comfort. For drivers who prefer a sporty style, there are other cars in the BMW model range - more speed than a heavy coupe. The maximum speed limiter was not installed on this car, since it did not develop more than 250 km / h.

The ASC-T automatic stability control and traction control system and ABS brake system make the BMW 8th Series a car that provides maximum safety and stable driving. The sensual pleasure promised by BMW from the management of the 8-series coupe is complemented by a functional and tasteful interior.

Since 1996, BMW has periodically declared that the 8th series "will definitely be taken out of production next year." As a result, the release of the BMW 8 coupe ceased in 1999.

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