Bmw 1600

2018 BMW K1600 Grand America Review | Long Day Test-Ride

BMW 1600 was one of the cars included in the so-called "new class". The new class consisted of a line of compact sedans produced by BMW and leading its report since 1962. Cars of the new class were equipped with engines from 1500 cm³ to 2002 cm³. The BMW 1600 had an engine size of 1573 cm³ (rounded 1600), as its name suggests.

The car was produced from 1964 to 1968. Interestingly, the 1600 was replaced in the lineup of the new BMW 1500 class by boosting the engine. They took pistons from an engine of 1800 cm3 and combined them with an old one and a half liter engine to achieve a volume of 1600 cm³ for BMW 1600. As a result, an engine with a power of 85 hp was obtained.

In general, the main purpose of this “artificially born” car was to give life to its famous heir: the 2-door coupe BMW 1600-2 or 1602 which appeared in 1966 and became one of the most successful coupes of the BMW concern.

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