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Brooklands is the legendary British racing track in Surrey County, where in the 20s and 30s Bentley made a name for itself in motor sports. The first car under the name Brooklands appeared in 1992. The model was produced only in the sedan body and was distinguished by its impressive dimensions (5268x2007x1486 mm). The heart of this model was a V-shaped eight-cylinder engine of 6.75 liters with a capacity of 225 horsepower. With him, the multi-ton car accelerated to a hundred in 9.6 seconds. The motor was aggregated with an automatic gearbox "Turbo Hydromatic", produced by the American concern GM. The model was produced until 1998, until it was replaced by a Bentley Arnage sedan.

In 2008, the name Brooklands inherited a luxurious dandy coupe-class grand tourism with classic British proportions, made in the best traditions of the brand. For the decision of the manufacturer to release the car in the coupe, hides the exact calculation of "Volkswagen" marketers. They also determined that the issue should be limited to 550 exclusive cars.

The basis for the model served as a gorgeous Bentley Arnage. The exterior of the car turned out to be traditional and at the same time modern. In the foreground, the true English proportions: almost vertical front, long hood, round trunk, short front overhang and long rear. A low roofline, sloping visors and a side window without center pivots, transmit a sense of power and movement. If you look at the location of the rear window, you can see that it ends well above the trunk lid - a tribute to the traditions of Bentley. This can be achieved only by separate manual welding of the rear wings with the rear pillars. The progenitor Arnage borrowed headlights, bumper, grille. A touch of modernity makes brilliant 20-inch wheels and air intakes.

Brooklands has a 2 + 2 landing scheme. Today, perhaps, this is the most spacious of the existing coupe. The interior at first glance conquers with its elegance, refinement of materials and special charm of manual assembly. Aluminum pedals and chrome-plated elements are wonderfully combined with classic scales, leather seats and inlays of precious wood. The front panel inherited from Arnage unchanged - massive, trimmed with wood and leather. Rear passengers will be as comfortable as the front: legroom is enough. The rear seats are separated by a center console, which housed the cupholders and seat control buttons, which are equipped with electric, heated, ventilated.

The future owners are given everything they need to make their cars individual. They can choose their own skin, a protective coating, the tone of floor mats and even the color of seat belts. The number of materials and their combinations, which are offered in the Crew, is incalculable. The court studio Mulliner copes with even the most exotic orders.

Under the hood is a fully aluminum V8 with a working volume of 6.75 liters and a power of 530 horsepower. So much from the good old G8, which has been produced with various additions and upgrades since 1959, has never been removed from Crewe. For Brooklands, a double turbocharger was installed on the already deserved engine, and now this engine can be compared in terms of torque with a light diesel locomotive - at the driver’s disposal there is almost always 1050 Nm.

The engine works in conjunction with a six-speed transmission with a reinforced crankcase, which changes the way in which both parts of the transmission interact. The modified lockable torque converter and electronic stability control system ensure that the driver can easily achieve a return on the enormous power of the car. A semi-automatic gearbox allows manual control for greater control over movement.

Each Bentley Brooklands is assembled by hand.

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