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In the autumn of 1988 saw the light of the top version of the Audi - Audi V8. This executive class car was produced in two versions: a sedan (4875x1815x1420 mm) and a Lang with a 318 mm longer base (the length increased to 5190 mm, due to which they extended the interior). The latest modification can be distinguished by large rear side windows. V8 Lang was equipped with a mini-bar, TV, satellite connection and folding strapontenami, thanks to which the cabin could comfortably accommodate up to seven people.

The car had a body with the same index 44 as the Audi 100 of the so-called transitional series - with flat door handles. However, the body itself was completely new, only a small number of parts were interchangeable with the Audi 100. From the 1991 model year, the body index has changed - 4C. From the previous body, it can be distinguished by the fuel filler flap lock, which was included in the central locking system and the trunk lid with pneumatic cylinders.

In 1992, another change occurred - new door locks, climate control with LCD, new options were added. In the same 1992, ABS appeared, which had the function of automatic disconnection. An independent double-lever rear suspension was taken from the Audi 100 quattro. All other car systems were original.

The model name clearly indicates the type of engine - a V-shaped eight, which had 4 valves per cylinder. Initially, the car was equipped with a 3.6 l / 250 hp engine. (340 nm at 4000 rpm) and only four-band automatic ZF. Since 1990, the car began to install a five-speed manual gearbox, and from August 1991 - a six-speed manual gearbox. At the end of 1991, an even more powerful engine of 4.2 liters / 280 hp began to be installed on the Audi V8. (400 nm at 4000 rpm). With this engine and manual transmission, the car accelerated from 0 to 100 km / h in 6.8 seconds.

All Audi V8 were all-wheel drive. On vehicles with manual transmission there were two Torsen-differential - center and rear cross-axle. Under normal driving conditions, it distributes the torque between the front and rear axles at a ratio of 70/30. When the front wheels slip, this ratio may change to 50/50. It was a variation of the second generation quattro. On the Audi V8 for the first time all-wheel drive transmission was combined with an automatic transmission.

The cars of the last years of production instead of the Torsen differential were equipped with Haldex multi-plate hydraulic clutch with electronic control (third-generation quattro). Moreover, in the rear axle is installed cross-axle differential with a lock, also controlled by electronics. Thus, even in bad weather, high stability and patency of the car is guaranteed.

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The interior of the car impresses with its spaciousness and rich decoration. The interior is designed in classic German traditions. The seats are trimmed with leather, the front panel is decorated with walnut wood, and the floor is covered with a thick woolen carpet. The seats have optimal elastic stiffness, and the front, moreover, have good lateral support. The power driver seat adjustment is equipped with a memory for three different positions. The rear seats are no less comfortable and comfortable than the front. By the way, on a more expensive version of the Exclusive rear sofa is also equipped with electric. Visibility and ergonomics at a high level. All controls are in sight, the instrument lighting is gorgeous. Great job and over and sound insulation. To reduce noise and vibration in the car, the designers applied hydraulic supports for the engine and gearbox, and also equipped the engine compartment with an additional sound-absorbing panel. Everything is done with high quality and soundly, as befits a class car.

The Audi V8 had a huge list of standard luxury equipment and an equally impressive list of additional options. Basic equipment had central locking, electric windows and electric adjustment of exterior mirrors, airbag for the driver, a proprietary audio system and climate control.

As for the body, its high-quality paintwork maintains the magnificent appearance of cars, even the first years of release. Audi V8 fully galvanized. The luggage compartment is 570 liters. In addition, for the transport of long goods in the back seat has a small hatch installed behind the armrest and opens access from the trunk to the cabin.

The appearance of this model, equipped with a powerful engine and all-wheel drive, brought confusion to the ranks of the German manufacturers of such cars - Mercedes and BMW, forcing them to take seriously the new competitor. However, we have to admit that the Audi V8 still failed to gain widespread popularity. In 1994, the model that did not have much success in the market was replaced with the newest A8, and the extended version of the V8 was transferred to China for production, where it is still being produced in a slightly modified version under the Hongki brand. Over the years of production, 16,648 machines with an engine of 3.6 and about 5,000 with an engine of 4.2 went off the conveyor.

There is also a station wagon at the exhibition of the plant, but it was not launched into the series.

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