Audi s2

Old school Beast - Audi S2 GTX35 5-cylinder Turbo 750 + HP!

Audi S2 - the car of a representative class with a sports bias. In 1991, he replaced the UrQuattro model. The first debuted was an impressive version of the S2 Coupe, which was a continuation of the A80 Soupe, developed in 1988, only with a more powerful engine and all-wheel drive.

In January 1993, the all-wheel drive sports modification of the Audi S2 Avant (station wagon) was presented. Externally, this version is different bumpers with large air intakes and brakes with bright red calipers. Overall dimensions: length 4510 mm, width 1695 mm, height 1385 mm. The wheelbase is 2595 mm, the track is 1450/1475 mm (front / rear), the ground clearance is 100 mm. The turning circle is 11 m. The mass of an empty car is 1560 kg, the maximum allowable is 2110 kg. The luggage compartment volume is 1200 liters. The fuel tank capacity is 64 liters (Coupe version has 70 liters).

The car's engine is in-line, 5-cylinder, the location is longitudinal. Each cylinder has four valves, engine displacement - 2226 cm ³. The engine has a power of 230 horsepower at 5900 rpm and produces a torque of 350 N / m at 1950 rpm. The power unit consumes an average of 14 liters in the city and 7.7 liters - on the highway. Acceleration time to 100 km / h - 6.1 sec., Maximum speed - 242 km / h.

In the heart of the temperamental version of the Coupe 20V 2.2 liter turbocharged engine power 220 hp The maximum speed of 248 km / h. On later models, a 230 hp engine was used. Acceleration to 100 km / h was made in 5.9 seconds.

Powerful Quattro transmission - manual transmission with a permanent four-wheel drive and a self-locking front differential and manual locking rear differential, automatically deactivated at a speed of 25 km / h provides S2 amazing handling. Version Coupe received a 5-speed, and S2 Avant - six-speed transmission.

Released and modified sedan, but in limited quantities (306 cars).

The basis of S2 lay highly efficient technology developed and tested on UrQuattro. The standard equipment is pretty solid. In the trim used only high-strength materials. The panels are made of plastic for carbon or with a richer configuration - wood. Basic equipment implies front electric windows, disc brakes with ABS, almost sports front seats with lateral support and 16-inch wheels with 205/55 tires.

Benjamin Kukovich subjected S2 Coupe tuning. As a result: power increased from 230 to 512 l / s, the maximum torque was 686 Nm, acceleration of 0 - 100 km / h was reduced to 3.9 seconds, the maximum speed increased to 315 km / h. The exterior acquired Porsche mirrors, front spoiler RS, stern apron Rieger, as well as the grill and trim on the headlights from Kamei. Wheel arches increased in width by 5 mm. Salon supplemented Momo 32 steering wheel and sports seats.

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