Asia retona

Asia (KIA) Retona

In 1997, a prototype was presented at the auto show in Seoul called Asia Motors Retona. In 1998, Rocsta was discontinued, giving way to the new Retona conveyor. It was this year that Asia Motors was bought by Kia Motors.

Since 1999, the SUV has been produced simultaneously as Kia and Asia. True, the latter in Europe was virtually unknown. So, for example, in that year in the Old World only 98 Asia cars were sold (Kia cars, of course, were sold much more).

The Asia logo lasted on Reton until 2000, after which only Kia Retona remained.

The model appeared as a result of a very long evolution of the legendary American Willys during the Second World War. In 1998, the fashion for a soft "biological" design miraculously transformed the roughly hewn Rocsta. The appearance of the Retona has become softer, and in it the imperceptibly excessively oldishness of the previous model is imperceptible. Time passes, and today the car looks a bit old-fashioned in design, but it betrays a certain personality to it. Appearance is not the most important thing for an SUV, but Asia Retona possesses all the basic qualities of a coupe.

On the car set high-torque petrol (2.0 l / 136 hp; 2.0i l / 128 hp) and diesel (2.0 l / 87 hp; 2.0 l TD / 83 hp) engines. The all-terrain vehicle has a traditional chassis for heavy road conditions with rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive, a multi-shift, self-locking rear differential in a rigid axle bridge.

Retona is available in Soft Top (removable soft top) and Hard Top (removable hard top). Depending on the configuration, the model can be equipped with comfortable sports seats with heating, power steering and power accessories. You can also praise the wide bright glass of the cabin, high landing, the ability to carry bulky cargo (rear seats fold), free access to the trunk. Comfortable landing and disembarking the driver and passenger; this is facilitated by large side doors, the optimum height of the seats and low thresholds will not cause any trouble.

Compactness, small turning radius and very significant ground clearance with such dimensions contribute to excellent maneuverability. The car is pleasant to drive. The gearbox is quite clear and informative, the steering is comfortable, the suspension is very tenacious and does not cause any special problems.

The Asia Retona model was adopted in South Korea, which proves excellent cross-country ability, reliability of the design and excellent maintainability.

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