Alfa romeo mito

For the first time this front-wheel drive three-door hatchback was presented at the London Motor Show in 2008.

Alfa Romeo Mito - Test - Jose Luis Denari

MiTo is the smallest car in the Alfa Romeo model range. Overall dimensions - 4.06 m in length, 1.72 - in width and 1.44 m - in height. The name of the car is made up of the first letters of the names of two Italian cities - Milan and Turin. The first design was developed, and the second is the plant on which the hatchback is made. "Mito" is translated from Italian as "myth, legend."

Alfa romeo mito

At the heart of the car is the platform of the Fiat Grande Punto. That allowed to significantly reduce the cost of design. The exterior is designed in the style of the most powerful serial Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione. Competizione style manifests itself literally in everything - the form of windows, optics (diode taillights attract particular attention), the design of the front end, and even in color. Design MiTo can be called stylish and elegant.

The interior was designed by Alfa Romeo Centro Stile. At the head put convenience and ergonomics of the driver. High-quality materials from which the trim is made, and scrupulous attention to the elaboration of details guarantee the quality of the finish in accordance with the highest European standards.

The proposed range of engines consists of three options: two petrol volume of 1.4 liters. and diesel 1.6 liters. The most powerful turbo 1.4 in the line has a power of 155 hp. and accelerates the car to 100 km / h in 8 seconds. Diesel 1,6 JTDM - 120 hp and 9.9 s. up to a hundred. The third engine, which in Alfa Romeo called "Junior" has a capacity of only 78 liters. with. and accelerates to a hundred in 12.3 with

The driver can choose one of three programmed engine operation algorithms - Normal (urban), Dynamic (sporty), and All Weather (all-weather). On the Alfa Romeo MiTo, the D.N.A. system debuted, allowing you to change car settings depending on the wishes of the driver or the traffic situation. In the "Dynamic" position, the steering wheel becomes sharper, the electronic differential lock Q2 Electronic is activated. The ESP motion stabilization system switches to a sporty mode of operation: it allows for light drifts and is triggered at the last moment, allowing you to go on the edge of a foul. Position "All weather" is recommended to use on slippery roads. In this case, ESP insures the driver especially sensitively - a light hint enough of a skid and it takes effect. In addition, the algorithm changes the work of the anti-skid system VDS, which in the "All weather" mode is triggered a little earlier, which reduces the likelihood that the wheels will be buried, for example, in loose snow.

Alfa romeo mito

The Alfa Romeo MiTo suspension scheme is simple and straightforward: independent with McPherson struts - front and semi-independent with a torsion beam - behind.

In Alfa Romeo MiTo much attention is paid to safety - seven airbags (two of which are multi-phase - Multistage) and double belt pretensioners are installed. The model offers the most advanced electronic systems for dynamic vehicle motion control: The Vehicle Dynamic Control system (which cannot be turned off) controls important functions such as: Hill Holder, drive control (thrust), emergency braking assistance (panic braking assistito), MSR for adjusting the slip wheels downhill, DST (Dynamic Steering Torque) system (torque on the steering wheel and electronic Q2.

In addition, MiTo has the ABS system, EBD, EBV brake force distribution systems, Traction control, ASR traction control systems, DSC, ESP and AFU stability control, which is responsible for emergency braking.

The Alfa Romeo MiTo has received daytime running lights, which, when starting off the car, automatically switches on the parking lights and taillights with LEDs that shine brighter than traditional lamps.

MiTo is ideal for urban environments: the car copes with busy roads, maneuvers deftly in traffic jams, and finds places in the most popular and crowded parking lots.

In 2010, the MiTo underwent a minor upgrade - a transmission appeared TCT 6 (automatic transmission with two clutch discs) and the BlueMe-TomTom system (Bluetooth and navigation).

In autumn 2013, Alfa Romeo presented the updated 2014 model year MiTo hatchback in Frankfurt. The changes affected the exterior, interior and technical part.

The exterior of global change has not undergone, only minor strokes have modernized the image. In front, the restyled version of the MiTo differs from the previous chrome trim of the grille. This is an intentional reference to the older Giulietta, made to enhance the family resemblance.

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Headlights got polished edging. A new color of enamel for body painting was added - anthracite gray (plus ten options for the colors offered). That's all the changes in the exterior of the updated Alfa Romeo MiTo 2014.

The hatchback is equipped with steel 16-inch wheels. For a fee, the company will install 17 or 18 inch light alloy wheels. Moreover, the manufacturer offers great opportunities for personalization. For headlamps, you can choose a frame of 12 sets for the exterior mirrors provided 14 lining. And the color of the roof may differ from the body. In short, the appearance of the hatchback is not devoid of style, originality and charisma.

The interior of the updated MiTo, unlike the exterior, does not look so extravagant and stylish, everything is rather restrained. Comfortable steering wheel with tides in the area of ​​the correct grip, informative devices with red illumination, the ideal profile of the front seats with pronounced lateral support and the length of the pillow. For the first time, four upholstery options and three brand new front panel colors are offered. You can choose from a completely black, a combination of black with gray or black with red.

The most important novelty in the cabin of the updated MiTo 2014 is the latest generation Uconnect multimedia system (can be supplied with and without TomTom navigation), equipped with a five-inch touchscreen display, Bluetooth interface, USB and AUX connectors, friendly with iPod and iPhone. In addition, the Italians updated the list of optional equipment packages, including styling packages that affect both the filling and the exterior of the car. For real music lovers, it is possible to install the Bose Sound System (8 speakers, 500 W, subwoofer, 6-channel digital amplifier) ​​in the hi-fi cabin.

In the global markets, MiTo 2014 is available in five trim levels (Impression, Progression, Distinctive, Superbike and Quadrifoglio Verde). In the Russian market, the car is offered only two trim levels. Progression: 7 airbags, system Start Stop, electrodynamic power steering, trip computer, Alfa Romeo DNA (changing the steering and engine modes with three modes from dynamic or normal to all-weather), ABS, Brake Assistant, Hill Holder, VDC and ASR, light and rain sensors , central locking, air conditioning, adjustable steering wheel for height and depth, audio system (radio CD MP3 6 speakers), front seats with adjustable lumbar support, LED taillights. In a more advanced configuration Distinctive added fog, a package of chrome trim exterior elements, paddle shifters for the transmission TST.

There are three optional packages available for trim levels: Sport, Comfort, Lusso. The Sport version will get a sports spoiler, a modified rear bumper, exhaust pipes, a dashboard and red calipers. Comfort will add a front armrest, 12 watts. an outlet in the trunk, a lumbar seat support function, and electrically folding mirrors. The top Lusso package will receive a 2-zone climate control, heated leather front seats on the front row, a sunroof, height adjustment of the sofa, rain sensor and electrochromic rear-view mirror.

The trunk of a compact hatchback can hold from 270 liters with passengers in the rear, up to over 1000 liters with the rear seats folded down.

After restyling, under the hood of the updated Alfa Romeo MiTo 2014, a new petrol engine appeared - a 0.9-liter Turbo TwinAir (105 liters with, 145 Nm). In tandem with a 6 speed manual, the motor allows you to gain 100 km / h in 11.4 seconds, the maximum speed is 184 km / h. The TwinAir engine is an expression of maximum environmental concern, which demonstrates low fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, the best performance in this category: 4.2 l / 100km and 99 g / km in the combined cycle during certification tests. At the same time, emissions are so low that the engine already meets the requirements of European standards 2020. Alas, the Italian hatchback with the given power unit will not be available to Russians, however, as well as with several more engines available to the European motorists.

In Russia, the restyled version is offered exclusively with one petrol engine, this is a 1.4-liter Turbo TwinAir (135 hp 206 Nm) paired with an automatic 6-speed TCT gearbox with two clutches. Dynamics of acceleration to 100 km / h is 8.2 seconds. The maximum speed of 207 km. Fuel consumption on the passport varies from 4.5 liters on the highway to 7.3 liters in the city.

Independent front suspension on MacPherson struts, semi-dependent at the rear with a beam on torsions, variable stiffness shock absorbers, disc brakes.

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