Alfa romeo 164

ALFA ROMEO 164 24V V6 1995 na USP

Alfa Romeo 164 - front-wheel drive sedan with a body from Pininfarina. The model was first introduced at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1987.

The appearance of the new flagship of the famous brand from Milan caused a sensation at the 1987 Frankfurt Motor Show. The front-drive 164 replaced the rear-drive Alfa Romeo 6 and 90 sedans on the conveyor belt. The fast-paced sporty appearance helped reduce aerodynamic drag, the Cx was only 0.3. Straight and clear lines of the body are swift, elegant, recognizable.

Salon - an example of impeccable taste. Well-chosen colors of gray shades, interior upholstery, decided in the spirit of moderate chic, combined with excellent, even by recent standards, seat ergonomics, allowed the model to hold on for a whole decade in that market sector in which the spoiled and wealthy consumer does not tolerate any inconsistency with modern fashion or lack of comfort.

The number of versions of the cabin has reached five. A large (4555х1760х1390 mm) front-wheel drive sedan with a trunk of 505 liters is still not worth loading to the eyeballs: its rear suspension is not as durable as the Volga. The characteristics of shock absorbers and steering are simply excellent, but only for high-speed driving on the highway, and not a country road.

During the long (until 1998) conveyor life, the body of the model was practically not modernized, its design turned out to be so classic. Only the engines changed: at first there was a 2.0-liter "four" Twin Spark with a capacity of 143 hp. with a double ignition system, as well as a 2.5-liter 114-strong turbodiesel, but in the spring of 1988, the 3.0-liter V-shaped "six" (184 hp) added to the range of engines, aggregated as with a mechanical five-speed gearbox, and with an automatic four-band transmission company ZF, as well as a turbocharged 2.0-liter 171-strong engine.

In August 1990, the new forced (200 hp) version of the V6 Quadrifoglio Verde (QV) went off the assembly line with a particularly rapid appearance. To the high dynamic qualities of this 3.0-liter engine, which sounds like a real Italian sports engine, you can add an obedient dynamic. The one-and-a-half sedan accelerates to 100 km / h in 8 s, and after another 20 s overcomes a speed barrier of 200 km / h.

In September 1991, another news arrived for fans of the Alfa Romeo brand: a new 2.0-liter turbocharged 205-horsepower gasoline engine V6, which, like its predecessors, works quite quietly and is quite environmentally friendly, but its fuel appetite is very burdensome for the owner. Its opposite is a 2.5-liter 117-hp four-cylinder VM turbodiesel, produced from the end of 1989. It consumes only about 8.5 liters of diesel fuel during the urban cycle.

A further evolution was marked by the appearance in November 1992 of the versions of the Sport and Quadrifoglio Verde with 24-valve 3.0-liter “sixes” (210 and 232 hp, respectively) and retouched front end (reduced headlamp height).

These were the fastest versions of Alfa Romeo 164, the maximum speed of the most powerful reached 245 km / h. At the same time, the factory curtailed the production of the 115-strong turbodiesel V6 as not conforming to environmental standards, and only in early 1994, when the 164th serially began to install airbags and belt pretensioners, the more economical 2.5-liter 125- V6 strong turbo diesel, known as VM Super.

In April 1994, in a limited series, they began to produce a 3.0-liter (232 hp) all-wheel-drive Alfa Romeo 164 04 model, which initially enjoyed some success, but never became popular.

In mid-1998, the deserved “164th” was replaced by the sensationally “156th” equally extravagant Alfa Romeo 166. The main problem of the “164th” over the entire period of production was considered to be poor-quality assembly and correspondingly low reliability, which over time and ruined her reputation. Prices for used cars, respectively, are very low.

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