Alfa romeo 156


The ALFA ROMEO 156 is a cross-drive golf car with front-wheel drive, the successor to the 155 model.

The model was first shown in the fall of 1997. From January 1999, the car is equipped with a 2.0 Selespeed gearbox with electro-hydraulic gear shifting, an automatic 2.5 Q-System gearbox. At the 2000 Motor Show in Geneva was presented sports wagon.

The three custom-made sport packages of the year 2000 include not only the distinctive sports features, the Recardo seats and the Momo steering wheels, but also high-speed, low-profile W category tires and an impressive rear spoiler on the trunk. Standard equipment of all models includes two front and two side airbags, as well as automatic climate control. Power units remained unchanged.

The most prestigious model - 156 Quadrifoglio Verde with a powerful 220-horsepower engine.

The model was recognized as the best car 1998 in Europe. The design of the Alfa 156 project was carried out at the Centro Stile Alfa Romeo under the direction of chief designer Walter De Silva. The exterior design of the car is decided in the traditional Alfa Romeo style: on the grille there is a company shield with an emblem, the air intake has four narrow slots, the waist line is somewhat tall, the side windows are small, the front doors have chrome door handles, in the back of the body there are narrow lights covering the lock trunk emblem and softening the massiveness of the trunk, slightly upturned bumper. The body of the Sportline version is complemented by aerodynamic spoilers.

Specijal test: Alfa Romeo 156 GTA - ZALJUBIO SAM SE!

The car's interior is restrained and harmonious: the instrument panel, which can be decorated in a classic style (from "mahogany"), or in sports (from carbon and polished aluminum), steering wheel and seats, equipped with all the necessary adjustments.

The standard equipment of the car includes: front windows with electric drive, Alfa Code (immobilizer); tinted glass; body-colored bumpers; steering wheel with adjustable height and axle; driver's seat with height adjustment; pocket on the back of the front seat; velor floor mats; tachometer; analog clock; three-level dashboard lighting; dashboard with metallic gray background; adjustable rear window heating; test computer; front and rear passenger lighting; remote opening of the trunk and fuel tank; "Glove box" with a latch; wiring for audio system with antenna on the rear window; ABS and EBD; driver airbag; front seat belts with height adjustment and electronic pretensioners; power steering; additional brake light; FPS (fire extinguishing system); security locks on the rear doors; headlight adjustment; reinforced glass; headrests with height adjustment.

Additional equipment includes: central locking with remote control, alarm; Luke; sports spoilers; metallic paint; Nuvola Blue Pearlescent Paint; automatic climate control system; leather steering wheel; heated front seats; leather upholstery Momo; rear armrest; audio wiring with front and rear speakers; wiring for telepass; mobile phone wiring; audio system with CD-changer connectivity and a hands-free system for the GSM standard; passenger airbag; side airbags; fog lights; headlight washer; extra rear headrest with extra seat belt.

The suspension is designed by the research center FIAT and KB Alfa Romeo. Front suspension with double transverse, triangular aluminum levers spaced apart from each other for the maximum distance, allows you to minimize unwanted changes in wheel alignment angles and ensure the best grip. The rear suspension consists of McPherson struts, two transverse lower arms of different lengths and an asymmetrical lever. This design minimizes the change of the camber angle, in addition, when maneuvering at high speed, the rear wheel turns slightly in the direction of the turn, which reduces the likelihood of skidding and helps stabilize the car.

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