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Alfa Romeo 155 was released in 1991. The car belongs, according to the European classification, to the category D. This classic four-door sports sedan was intended to replace the 75th model. The design of the car belongs to the studio IDEA. Externally, the Alfa Romeo 155 has a lot like the previous models: 33, 75, 164. By combining several models, the creators managed to make a car with an aerodynamic coefficient of only 0.29.

Model 155 has more pointed shapes: narrow rectangular headlights, predatory slots of the front bumper, a false radiator grille triangle with the famous bright emblem and sufficient internal volume in the cabin for five people and their luggage (525 l). The salon is full of contradictions. Button remote trunk opening hidden in the depths of the glove box.

Perhaps only 15-inch wheels with low-profile Pirelli P700-Z tires in 205/50 ZR15 dimensions seem too small. They seem to make the car heavier, and this makes a barely noticeable dissonance in the bright look of the car. However, as an option, you can order 16-inch wheels instead of 15-inch wheels. But then the tire profile is already becoming ultra-low (205/45 ZR16), and this is hardly suitable for driving on our roads.

The engines of the Alfa Romeo 155 model range of 1.8 liters with two candles per cylinder, a 2-liter 16-valve power unit and a V-shaped inline "six" working volume of 2.5 are able to show the high energy equipment of the 155 as for everyday driving and to participate in the European Touring car championships.

Initially, the 155th was equipped with the following engines: 1.8 TS (126 hp), 2.0 TS (143 hp), 2.5 V6 (166 hp), turbo diesel TD 1.9 (90 hp). The basis of the entire series - the 2.0-liter 16-valve engine sends this sedan "into orbit" 100 km / h in 8.4 seconds. The maximum speed is 225 km / h. Fuel consumption at a speed of 90 km / h is 7.7 l / 100 km.

In November 1992, the all-wheel drive version of the Q4 with a turbocharged engine producing 186 hp was released. ("charged" or, as it is also sometimes called, 155 Cloverleaf 4). Of course, this is not a real racing car, but only a road version of the GT class. Under the hood - a 190-horsepower 16-valve engine in 1955 cubic meters. cm and a Garret T3 turbocharging system with intermediate air cooling. This charge allows the car to accelerate to 100 km / h in 7 seconds and reach a maximum speed of 225 km / h. In the transmission used Ferguson viscous coupling, redistributing torque between the axles so that the maximum falls on the wheels with the best grip.

In May 1993, the 1.8 TS was replaced by the 1.7 TS with 115 hp.

A little later, in November 1993, in honor of Alfa Romeo's victories in the DTM championship, the 155th version was released - DTM 93.

Since January 1994, seat belt anchors and airbags for the driver and front passenger have been standard equipment on the 155th.

In April 1994, the TD 2.5 turbo diesel engine with a power of 125 hp was added to the engine palette.

In 1995, the Model 155 has undergone major changes. New shock absorbers were installed and the ground clearance was reduced by 15 mm. The new Alfa Romeo 155 has become longer and wider.

In April 1995, the charged versions of the 155th came out - the Sport and Super with the 2.0S 16v engine giving out 186 hp. The Sports Pack can be distinguished by a rear spoiler, side fences with a colored casing and black 16-inch alloy wheels with 205/50 VR tires.

Due to the specificity of the machine or an ineffective marketing policy, the 155th sales volume was rather small, and in the fall of 1997, due to the launch of the 156th model, the 155th edition was discontinued.

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