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Old Top Gear 1995 - Alfa Romeo 145

The three-door Alfa Romeo 145 hatchback was first introduced in July 1994, the 5-door version 146 six months later. Made on the basis of Bravo / Brava hatchbacks of the head office of FIAT. These cars, according to the new policy of common platforms of the FIAT concern, which controls the Italian company, have replaced the popular Alfa Romeo 33.

Car for everyday active life: commuting to work, cottage, on business. It is the most popular and sought after model of the company. Front-wheel hatchback lower middle class (Golf-class). Engine - gasoline. Installed on 2 candles on the cylinder. 5-speed manual gearbox. All wheel independent suspension. Transmission - manual.

The first versions of the 145 were equipped with engines installed on the 33rd, with a displacement of 1.3, 1.5 and 1.7 liters, as well as a slightly modified 16-valve version of the latter. Therefore, at first, this model was not particularly popular - being 200 kg heavier than its predecessor, it did not reach its excellent dynamics and controllability. But the situation changed dramatically in January 1996, when the launch of the top versions of Alfa Romeo 145 QV and Alfa Romeo 146ti with a forced 2.0-liter engine and advanced aerodynamics was launched.

The three-door model Alfa Romeo 145, equipped with a two-liter engine with 16 valves in the cylinder head and an ignition system with double candles, has already ceased to be a novelty in the market segment of passenger cars of the middle class. Controlled by the Bosch Motronic M2 103 engine thrust control, this model is capable of reaching speeds of 210 km / h.

Dynamic characteristics of the 145th: compact, spacious body with an easily transformable trunk, attractive design, powerful engines, good all-round visibility, various security features, as well as central locking of doors, electric window lifters, anti-theft device make the car a leader. The car never fails the driver. No need to complain about the lack of comfort when driving.

A sporty, well-holding suspension may seem somewhat harsh, but this is a payment for the “male” image of the Alfa Romeo brand, whose expressive models are traditionally decorated with a V-shaped air intake label. The sleek, wedge-shaped shape and sporty image of the Model 145 are complemented by stylish, lined flush with the arches of the wings of the wheel and recessed into the plane sidewall door handles. The most sophisticated, 150-strong, all-wheel-drive model 145 Cloverleaf, when starting from a standstill, reaches a speed of 100 km / h in 8.4 seconds.

Building on success, in March 1997, the company released new versions equipped with 16-valve twin spark engines (double spark) of 1.6 and 1.8 liters, which replaced the traditional Alfa-Romeo motor boxer. "installed on model" 33 ".

In addition to new engines, these models also received a new transmission, improved interior and front ventilated discs. Since that time, the driver’s airbag has come standard on both cars.

In May 1998, the updated versions "145" and "146" came out with engines from the Alfa-Romeo 156 1.8 and 2.0 TS 16v, with a capacity of 144 and 155 hp. with variable intake path geometry. Now the gamma of the updated models "145" and "146" includes five engines: five 16-valve petrol with a volume of 1.4, 1.6, 1.8 and 2.0 liters, as well as one 1.9-liter turbodiesel. It is a single camshaft vortex chamber with a light alloy cylinder head. All of these engines are paired exclusively with a manual 5-speed gearbox.

The upgraded version of the 145th immediately became very popular in Europe, which did not slow down to affect sales. At about the same time, the 2.0-liter turbo diesel version appears.

The design of the cars, as well as the design of all the latest Alfa-Romeo models, was developed by the “local craftsmen” from the “Centro Style Alfa-Romeo”. Cars noticeably younger with new optics and radiator grille in the style of the newest 166th model. External differences with earlier versions are as follows: new bumpers painted in body color, a new grille, now consisting not of two triangular grilles, but of six arc-shaped cuts of different sizes, a new pattern of rims, new plastic side skirts.

As before, the aggressive predatory "beak", topped with a company logo, attracts attention. The lines of the body became modern soft and smooth, stands out a high belt line with two stiffening ribs on the sides. Volumetric and roomy trunk opens from the inside. In the spirit of modern trends, special attention is paid to the safety of the driver and passengers. The cars have a reinforced body with side ribs and are equipped with airbags.

In 2000, at the Turin Motor Show, the premiere of the new 147 Series models took place, replacing the 3-door Alfa 145 hatchback.

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