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10 Things you didn’t know about the 2004-2008 Acura TL

The appearance of Acura TL in 1996 is not just the appearance of a new car, but also the application of a new marketing approach in attracting a buyer. TL was the first Acura model, which received not a digital, but a textual designation, which eventually spread to the entire model range of the company. TL replaced Vigor, Acura's firstborn in a market segment called near-lux. First, Vigor replaced the 2.5TL model, which inherited from its predecessor a 5-cylinder engine without any significant changes, whose power is 176 hp. Later, a 3.2TL model with a V6 engine was added to the model range.

In the 1999 model year, Acura completely redesigned the sports luxury sedan TL, moving the car to the Honda Accord platform.

By 2000: Acura's 3.2TL sales leader received a number of advantages over its predecessors, including the consistent 5-speed automatic transmission SportShift, which allows you to shift gears "manually". In the automatic mode, the box has the ability to "think" and adapt to the pace and style of driving.

Security is ensured by: two pairs of front and side airbags, anti-lock brakes (ABS), traction control and child safety locks. The ABS is “hidden deep” and starts working only after a noticeable wheel lock. All TL 2000s comply with the most stringent environmental standards, including the California Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle (ULEV).

The TL is equipped with a 3.2-liter V6 that supports VTEC technology, the engine power is 225 hp. At idle, the engine can not be heard at all, neither in the cabin nor on the street, and only by opening a hefty hood, you can catch a slight rustle of drive belts. According to the manufacturer, Acura 3.2 TL accelerates to 100 km / h in 7.7 seconds. The second gear "turns" to 120 km / h, with a large margin overlapping the entire range of city speeds, and the third allows you to accelerate to 160. At the same time, there is an excellent smoothness, excellent handling.

The list of standard equipment is really impressive and includes automatic climate control, leather and wood interior, heated automated seats, a remote door opening system, an anti-theft system, a Bose stereo system with a CD player. For a fee, the Acura Navigation System is installed, which contains a detailed map of the US road network.

2008 Acura TL Review, Walkaround, Exhaust Test drive

Some time ago, the concept car Acura "Concept TL" was shown at the New York Auto Show. Luxury sedan, built based on the latest generation Honda Accord has replaced the generation of cars of the TL family. Each element of the exterior of the concept car, from the aggressive front end to the short tail, expresses an aggressive muscular style, implemented in the Concept TL design. “The design conveys a sense of tension, like the muscles on the legs and arms of a sprinter when he prepares for the start of the race,” says Jon Ikeda, chief designer of Concept TL. An interesting fact is that aggressive notes were specially introduced into the design of the back, thanks to chopped lanterns and a v-shaped bumper. In general, it turned out a stylish sports car. Among the technical features - the lack of wiper blades on the windshield. Instead, there is a set of nozzles through which heated air is supplied to the glass under high pressure. On sale Acura TL should appear in the next year, and under its hood there will be a modernized 260-horsepower V6 engine.

In 2003, Acura unveiled the updated Acura TL 2004 model year sedan. The power of the 3.2-liter 24-valve aluminum VTEC engine will now be 270 hp. (compared to 225 hp), and 260 hp for the Type-S version. At the same time, fuel consumption remained at the same level. Buyers will be able to choose either a 5-speed sequential automatic transmission of a Sequential SportShift, or a 6-speed mechanical, which is placed on the TL for the first time. Some changes have undergone and independent suspension of this all-wheel drive sedan, and in addition, in the basic configuration, a new system to stabilize the movement VSA.

Among other changes, the car received a DVD-system with stereo sound and a hands-free system for a mobile phone as standard.

Of the security systems, in addition to the usual airbags, side curtain airbags should be noted, which will protect passengers and the driver against injury in a side collision. Thanks to compressed helium, they are revealed in just 0.015 seconds. The side airbag on the passenger side has seven sensors that are used to determine the height, weight and position of the passenger. If a child or a small adult is sitting in the chair, the pillow will not open.

The company persistently continues to consider the TL a sports car, but in fact it is a luxury vehicle with a spacious interior, well-designed seats and with serious design work. This year, a pulse wiper, light alloy wheels and an electrically adjustable sliding roof appeared in the model.

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