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Honda-Acura NSX review - see what mind-boggling is!

Sports car Acura NSX, causes a stream of accolades from professionals and customers. It is called the best car in the world in terms of handling, which strikingly combines high technical data and stylistic refinement.

Having created the NSX model in 1990, the company has in its production program a car entirely made of light metal. The result of these efforts: the empty weight of the machine does not exceed 1370 kg. At first glance, it is not so easy, but for a car, which is crammed full of all sorts of technical delights, quite a bit.

The creation of the Acura NSX model has become Honda’s self-expression, as the new flagship of the model range embodies the latest solutions in both concept and technology. The car is equipped with powerful V-type engines with four valves per cylinder and has an aluminum body, which is still characteristic only of very “thoroughbred” cars. Only 25 copies of the Acura are produced per day. The cabin has a Double Suround layout, which provides both the driver and passenger with enough space. The creation of the interior was promoted by the acquaintance of Honda designers with the visibility and ergonomics of the cockpit of an American F-16 Fighting Falcon fighter jet. Excellent visibility for the driver in the Acura NSX model provides an abundance of curved glass that is unusually large for a sports car. There is still nothing bad to say about the design of the Acura NSX model created 11 years ago - the aerodynamically clean body forms smoothly and gracefully flow from the front bumper to the rear spoiler. To maintain stability at high speeds, the RTU system serves, and in a headwind and variable road conditions, a self-locking limited-slip differential serves the same purpose.

The basic equipment of the 1998 model includes a four-channel ABS system that independently controls disk brakes on all wheels. The car is equipped with electronic traction control and airbags Rayon 66 of the American company Du Pont. In the manufacture of Acura, about 40 percent of the welding work is done manually, and for the complete production of a brand new car, it takes 4 days, two and a half of which are for painting. After that, each car is driven through the test track at speeds of 120, 160 and 200 km / h and only after that it is sent to the distribution network. Buyers are offered two V6 engines: a 3.0-liter 256 hp. with a 4-speed "automatic" and a 3.2-liter capacity of 290 hp, complete with 6-speed "mechanics". Acceleration from zero to 100 km / h takes only 5.9 s, and the maximum speed reaches 270 km / h. Standard equipment includes leather upholstery, cruise and climate control systems, a custom engine exhaust system and Bose premium class audio system. Possible options: automatic transmission, navigation system, sunroof.

The NSX-T variant is distinguished by removable parts of the roof, allowing the owner of this coupe to feel like in an open convertible. Zadnoraspolozhennye powertrain include highly accelerated 3.0 - and 3.2-liter V-shaped "six" power of 255 and 293 hp accordingly. With a smaller engine, the "adaptive" and "sequential" 4-step "automatic" are offered.

Acura NSX / NSX-T is quite affordable luxury car compared to all other "classmates", standing, at least twice as expensive. Models NSX and NSX-T are made in the Italian style - their nose part is worked out with special care - but both of them still can not be compared with traditional Ferrari and Lamborghini, which are characterized by an unsurpassed Japanese build quality. Unlike most other cars of the same class, Acura NSX / NSX-T is also good because it does not force the driver to bend in three deaths in order to squeeze into the seat and get behind the wheel. Both models look truly civilized level of comfort, ergonomic characteristics and ride quality indicate that this is really a luxury coupe.

True, the six-cylinder engine initially seems to be too small for cars of this class, but in fact both the NSX and NSX-T are in no way inferior to any of the best and rather expensive sports cars. A recent novelty is a low back pressure exhaust system and green heat-absorbing windows.

In 2002 - the appearance of the NSX II generation, which preserved the unique manufacturing technology of the bearing body NSX from aluminum alloys. The model has slightly changed appearance, which led to an improvement in the already quite good speed qualities. The maximum speed increased from 270 to 281 km / h without an increase in engine power (293 hp for the USA). The upgraded NSX retained its aggressive look, which was demonstrated on the Honda NSX-R showpiece at the Tokyo Auto Show in the fall of 2001. The designers offered high-mounted front-wing universal optical units with compact headlights. In contrast to previous years, when customers were offered two versions of the NSX with manual and automatic transmissions, in 2002 only the most powerful version with a manual 6-speed gearbox appeared.

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