Acura integra

Here's the Shock Up in Value

In the late 1980s - early 1990s, Acura Integra defined the chic sports coupe class. With its updated four-cylinder engine and well-equipped interior, the Integra was a car showing the position in the society of its owner.

The Acura Integra is the same Honda Integra only sold in the USA. In the basic configuration, the LS model of 1998 is equipped with an adjustable steering column, electric window lifters and installation of side mirrors, air conditioning, an audio system with a CD player, etc. The engine is 1.8 liters., The gearbox is automatic, the drive is front, air conditioning, power steering, central locking, cruise control, dual airbags, ABS. Possible options: navigation system, leather upholstery, electric control of the front seats, sunroof, manual gearbox.

The 2000 models of the Integra predalis with sedan (Sports Sedan) and coupe (Sports Coupe) for active drivers, who are an expert in consumer qualities of high-speed cars. The GS and GS-R sports versions have special driver and passenger seats (with support in the lumbar region), leather upholstery and some other specific equipment.

The Integra LS and GS models are equipped with locally mounted power units, including high-powered 4-cylinder 16-valve 1.8-liter engines with 142 and 172 hp. with a mechanical 5-speed or automatic hydromechanical 4-speed gearbox. The GS-R Sports Coupe has the same engine with the VTEC system, which changes valve timing and valve lift. This allows you to increase engine power up to 172 hp. at 7600 rpm However, it only works with the manual.

The newly emerged high-speed coupe Integra Type-R, which premiered at the end of 1997, is equipped with a more forced version of this engine (197 hp). Despite such high output parameters, it is indicated that the Integra engines "do not require adjustment in the first 160,000 km of run." Only preventive replacement of filters and engine oil is carried out. The new “old” model has more powerful brakes and a stiffer suspension, although all of the Integra already have a pronounced sporty character thanks to the independent suspension of all wheels with anti-roll bars. Standard equipment includes automatic air conditioning, adjustable steering column, stereo, power windows, "cruise control", etc.

The new sports coupe 2002 RSX will replace the Integra in the Acura model range, because in all respects it is far superior to its predecessor.

The two-door hatchback RSX is equipped with a 2-liter 4-cylinder engine that has dual overhead camshafts and a variable valve opening or closing system to achieve 160 horsepower at a maximum torque of 6,500 revolutions per minute.

Acura RSX 2002 will also be delivered to the market with a reconfigured engine management program of the i-VTEC system, allowing you to develop a power of 200 horsepower at 7,400 revolutions per minute.

In addition, the RSX has three gearbox options: a manual five-speed gearbox, an automatic five-speed gearbox with a SportShift mechanism (individual gear ratio selection) and a six-speed manual gearbox.

The chassis of the car is fully updated, including a modified draft of MacPherson struts and independent suspension. New models will be equipped with reinforced springs and shock absorbers.

Standard RSX equipment includes air conditioning, power windows, central locks and heated rear-view mirrors, a keyless system and a stereo system with a CD player.

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