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AC ACA BRISTOL 1960 - Full Test Drive in Top Gear | SCC TV

1953 - On the basis of the open body, the AC Ace models begin to produce the AC Aceca coupe.

1955 - The Bristol engine is installed on AC Aceca. The model is called AC Aceca Bristol.

1961 - AC Aceca cars begin to be equipped with 2.6-liter Ford Zephyr engines. The same engine was installed on AC Ace. Together it was released 47 copies. Models with this engine have a slightly different front end.

1999 - begin to produce AC Aceca new generation. The car is a modification of the model AC Ace in the form of a 4-seater coupe (Ace - 2-seater). Vehicle dimensions: length 4660 mm, width 1890 mm, height 1340 mm. Wheelbase 2720 mm, front track 1590, rear 1570 mm. It weighs AC Aceca 1615 kg. The luggage compartment is impressive - 500 liters. The body frame is made of stainless steel, to which are attached panels made of aluminum and composites. The car is equipped with a navigation system, has air conditioning, the maximum speed is limited. All wheel suspension - independent on the triangular wishbone with gas shock absorbers. In the company's hierarchy, the model is one step below the AC Cobra.

Under the hood, this model has petrol engines Ford 4.6 l / 8V with electronic injection system with a capacity of 307 liters. with. And 3.5 l / 4V Lotus-Biturbo with a turbocharging capacity of 354 liters. with. (at 6500 rpm). Torque 407 H / minute at 4000 rpm. In terms of speed, the AC Aceca looks pretty good - acceleration to a hundred in 5.6 seconds, maximum speed of 250 km / h, with consumption on highway 9 and in the city 20. Fuel tank capacity is 90 liters. In terms of exhaust emissions, the car fully complies with all modern standards.

Modern gearbox mixed type, allows you to drive in manual mode. I went off the conveyor with 255/45 R18 tires, ABS is also present in the factory configuration. The chassis of the car on the front and rear suspension has a coil spring. It is easy to control the car - power steering makes the AC Aceca obedient and responsive. For a turn, you need 11.3 meters.

Adherents of this car, as a rule, are people who adore the speed and classic English spirit. A conservatism in fashion, not only in England.

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